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Interested in partnering us in Educational Technology domain?

Hello Rodinhooders,

I have been a regular reader of but this is my first post.

2 years back we started Synobit Solutions Pvt. Ltd because we wanted to develop the products in Educational Technology domain. However, we really wanted to keep our products open ended and scalable so that we can use the platform and technology to develop multiple lines of business.

With this thought we developed MyCollege, which is an integrated College and Institution management suite. MyCollege comprises of a full fledge ERP and LMS suite with a provision to integrate an education based social network plug in.

Along with the traditional ERP which contains modules like admission management, fees, HR and inventory management, we have incorporate several other modules such as one click AICTE report which try to reduce the pain points of the colleges.

As I mentioned earlier, we have designed our product to be open ended (meaning it can not only be used by the colleges but can also be used to develop an independent business line). One such module is a Campus Placement Module (CPM). The CPM is a fully automated campus placement system which allows the college in aggregating students’ credentials, upload jobs, automatically select the candidates based on the pre selected requirements and follow up with the automatic communication with respect to the interview dates and placement confirmations.

CPM also has a special links created for the company HRs and representatives to manage their entire placement activities. We have also integrated our online examination module which can be used for aptitude tests by the companies. With this information, we would now want to implement our goal of using the platform to develop other lines of business.

We are looking person/group who might be interested in using our CPM to create a placement related business where the companies would be able to conduct their yearly placement activities in multiple colleges using CPM. Thus saving them huge amount of money and time while colleges gain visibility for their students.

If you are interested please drop me a line. I would be more than happy to discuss the plans. This could be completely independent business owned by our partner and we will act as technical platform provider. Of course the terms and conditions can be put on the table for open discussion.


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  1. year back i also with ditto motto wanted to start a LMS + ERP but due to several reasons i didnt , i will like to know more about mycollege can you please provide me .!

  2. Hello sumit,

    we too are working on an educational sector.We have a couple of good engineering colleges with us from pune and nashik also we have couple of famous and big brands in classes sector with us for customised and generic online exam system which can be used by any stream of education with customised reports.

    May be you we can think to integrate of these.If intrested please drop me a mail on:

  3. Hi Sumit,

    Please feel free to drop me an email with more product information along with a demo link if possible at :

    Best Regards,


  4. Hello Sumit & Akshay,

    I am with Mauka Technologies ( ) which is an Automated Recruitment Platform for Companies.
    Please do send me a mail with further details.

    All of us together can work things out 🙂

    @All … This is the biggest advantage with Start Ups .. 😛 The same way Apple and Microsoft got back together 😛 Everyone can be in the same space .. do different things and co-exist !!! 🙂


  5. Thanks Nitesh. Please let me know your email ID so I can send the information.

  6. Thanks Akshay, I will email you

  7. Sure Amar, thanks for the interest

  8. Thanks Abhishek, what kind of partnership do you have in your mind?

  9. A proposal from your side would be great !!! Please PM me over email ( ) so that we can continue our talk there 🙂

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