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What if you had invested in CryptoCurrency on Jan 1, 2017?

You can see that coins like NEO gave more than 250x returns (Not 250%). You can see the full report here. The least profit was 124%. Which is 1.2x of your investment. Very few had been into the loss. So does this mean Crypto currencies are turning out to be a more profitable investment these days?

CryptoCurrency - Investment

Can they replace traditional stocks as an investment option? Only future can speak more about the same.

Cryptocurrency is in trend these days. Everyone is talking about them. Many of us want to invest in crypto. But the main issue faced is it’s not simple to invest in crypto plus they do not have experience of any of the coins. To get the feel of the process we have made a virtual exchange where everyone gets 50,000 USD virtual money to trade. This way everyone can learn to trade without investing real money.

You can visit and try trading with virtual currency.

So whats your take about cryptocurrency? Do you have an investment in it?


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  1. What is the reason for NEO returns ?

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