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How the landing page of a Mobile App should be

How I started Bevy is a good story which I shall share later on Therodinhoods, I just want to share a brief about our new homepage of Bevy (mobile app for entrepreneurs) which we just launched on 22nd March’17.

First about Bevy

Bevy is an engagement app for early stage entrepreneurs to start healthy discussions about their problems and to find the right people. By right people, I mean co-founder, mentor, investor, team member or any service provider. We believe there should be an active community who don’t just talk but take it forward too, significantly.

The old landing page

bevy – app for entrepreneurs

With Bevy, we always try to build a beautiful design for everything, be it the app, social posters or the site. So, we created a beautiful landing page which was this. It was our landing page for almost 6 months. Now, many people who used to visit, would always came and asked us, what is Bevy? Is it a mentor firm, or just tell me how to apply for funding, or take my contact and find me a co-founder. This never hit us that our landing page was actually confusing. It had a lot of text and the intention was not clear. Even though Bevy is a mobile app, many people had no idea that we even have the app. Check the old page.
Then one day, randomly on Linkedin, I got a review from Donatas Jonikas, that the site doesn’t have a clear CTA (call to action). Then we thought of changing the landing page.

New Landing Page

We decided to clear so many options which the old one had. We even removed the header and on the first section itself the things are clear

bevy’s new landing page

We directly showed all the features in lower sections and 1 more thing we did with mobile site. For now we just have an Android page so if you open the site in Android mobile then it will look like this:

bevy mobile site

Check the site. We put a freeze button to install. We also optimized it to load faster. Last month, I read in an article that Google is giving away about $3 Billion worth of app marketing for free each year because of Google Search. People search on Google and land on a website and if it is compelling, people download the app. That’s what your site should be.

So, ending this by saying: Work Hard on Your Mobile Site if you have a mobile app. Your mobile site should be the major driving force for your app installs.

I would be happy to talk about this more and I want to start conversations about this in comments.

Thanks Alok for telling me to add this here.


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  1. Hi Mukesh;
    One of My Friend was ‘alcoholic’ and considered ‘Vijay Mallya’ his role model.
    He started breweries in Arunachal Pradesh and failed miserably. After incurring so much losses he understood that
    If you are Cinemaholic doesn’t means you must enter in ‘FilmMaking’. I just wish it’s not your case.
    I would love to read about your inspiration to start ‘Network for Entrepreneur’ (and I just hope it’s not something like above example). Installing Bevy.
    Thanks for sharing !

  2. Hello Deepak,
    I liked the analogy. About your question: I, with my cofounder Yashwant, tried many ideas before Bevy, like 5-6 but we were not able to even launch. The reason were simple, not getting cofounder, money, guidance so then we thought why not solve this problem. The problem was lack of connection between startup ecosystem so then we thought of idea of an organised networking platform Bevy.

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