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Launch Announcment,

Dear Members

Warm greetings

Finally I have been able to kick start my start-up, Craftila. Craftila is the home of personalized gifts, unique products and unusual gift ideas items based on current trends, interests and hobbies.

The Robinhood group have been instrumental in making valuable connections within the eCommerce ecosystem. I would like to thank you all once again for sharing your experience and contributing equally. I am sharing a exclusive flat 15% flat discount voucher for our members and can be availed by typing the Voucher code “MYFIRST” at the time of checkout. I would really appreciate if you could please give feedback on the website.

Many Thanks

Piyush Jain


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  1. Hey buddy, all the best. Loved the colour scheme of your site and the Facetype of Craftila!

  2. Wonderful site and amazingly creative products ..wowwowowowowow

  3. Congratulations Piyush !!! Great Start and Site looks good. I get the feel of “Celeberation” after visiting Craftila. All the Best !!!

  4. Dear all

    Thank you for the appreciation.

  5. All the Best Piyush …..

  6. Best of luck buddy..

    but do remember, its a long race. Remember that Duracell ad!! the one who can run longest will probably stay in the race. keep your expenses low, keep prices low(very unique and critical in Indian Market), always deliver (one negative remark and 100 prospective ones will go away) and innovate. come with unique but USEFUL items. what not to sell? have you seen those 4 SIM 2 Battery 2 MicroSD Slot phones? or ‘TCL’ handycams? Sure shot disasters 🙂

    Check me out on, my timepass blog!!

  7. Hey Piyush, the site looks good. I know you have launched very recently and have your hands full with loads of stuff. For whatever its worth, i still wanted to give you one feedback.

    I went to the site after reading the above post and was expecting to see a site filled with personalized gifts. From that perspective my suggestion is that the focus on personalized gifts be sharper, rather than being just another tab. All the very best, you have a good start, hoping to see you do great going ahead. 

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  9. Dear Piyush

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