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Leased Line Vs Broadband ?

Hello Guys, We are need of High Download and Upload Requirement of Files on Internet. So i was thinking to buy a Leased Line for it but as i am newbie to it. i need your help.

if i go with 1 MBPS Leased Line What Would be The Surfing Speed,Download File Speed,Upload File Speed ?

if i go with 1 MBPS Broadband Plan What Would be The Surfing Speed,Download File Speed,Upload File Speed ?

Waiting for Suggestions.


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  1. Can you write me at ?

    cc and

    I will introduce you to my Sysadmin team and they will fully guide you.

  2. Sir , Thanks for your reply.

    I will mail you and your team now.

  3. Hi Rajesh,

       If upload/download of files is going to be a part of your business offering, then you should look at AWS services (specifically: EBS) or google cloud. But if the upload/download constitutes team collaboration or day-to-day activity among your team, then you may give google-drive or dropbox a shot.

    While going for a leased line, you would want to make sure that the drop at your premises is strictly 1:1 contention, since many a times the providers do it 1:2 but they will tell you “don’t worry sir, this is point to point to your office only”. If the need be, make this sure ten times and get this in writing too, and test the DL/UL speed using large file-downloads rather than speed-test sites. You might also want to make sure that your provider has redundancy in terms of multiple backbone providers.


  4. A broadband line has a contention ratio of typically 1:50 (that is 50 users share an 8 mbps pipe). Because of ‘A’ part of the ADSL technology, it is possible to give a minimum promise of 256 kbps and a speed up to 1 mbps or 2 mbps per shared line.

    In case of the leased line, the end customer is the sole user of the line. Also download and upload speeds are the same (which is not so in case of BB where upload speed is typically 1/4th of download speed in higher speed connections).

    There is also a concept of shared leased line where 2, 4 or 8 users share a leased circuit.

    In case of 512 kbps 1:2 leased line, you should expect a 512 kbps speed (download and upload).

  5. Hi

    Thank you for your reply.

    I applied for Tikona leased line connection , 1 Mbps (1:1) ,contention ratio. but at the time they installed.

    I am getting speed at (1Mbps for download and 1Mbps for upload.)

    but at the time of downloading a file or uploading a file i am getting 128Kbps. I am paying 75K for 1 year.

    Tikona people are not listening now. Kindly tell what should i do. 

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