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The Market Timing Clock

“Is this the right time to invest ?” “Abhi kya lagta hai market kaa?” “Invest karoon yaa aur girega?”

Market Timing

The magic clock that times the market.

The above questions with respect to “market timing”, are perhaps the most common questions in investing, because as investors we are always worried about our hard earned money.

Our latest MINT (Micro Investment Tale), attempts to answer the million dollar question.

History has repeatedly shown that when market falls, retail investors get fearful and they pull out their investments. And when the markets run up considerably, we feel that we might miss the bus and start investing again. This intent of timing the market, driven by greed and fear, hurts our investments the most.

Patience is a key virtue of investing. Investors should keep investing consistently and allow their investments to grow. While a review of portfolio is recommended, a decision based on market states doesn’t work.

The market timing clock with no hands, signifies just that. It signifies that it’s almost impossible to time the market and we better avoid trying that.

At Invezta, we are working to make life simple for common investors. Let us know if you liked this in the comments below. If you have a few ideas around creating a MINT, let us know and we shall work out the creatives with due credits to you.

This was originally created by Sharad Singh for Invezta


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