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“myly- school mobile app & ERP” launches a GPS based School Bus Tracking system for Schools

Jaipur, Jan. 23, 2016 – Gaurav Mundra, Co-founder and CEO of EduCommerce Technologies Pvt. Ltd., today announced that, the most trusted School Mobile App and School ERP platform, has launched a GPS-based School Bus Tracking system for Schools.

The School bus GPS tracking will be able to provide a complete Student Security solution to schools and parents. The solution will provide a School Web Panel for complete planning and management of buses, students and routes to the school.
The solution will also allow parents to see the real-time location of their child’s vehicle and provided ETA (Expected Time of Arrival) alerts so that parents can reach the appropriate location to pick-up or drop-off their kids.

The GPS tracking solution will be integrated with the MYLY School Mobile App solution and will be available as a stand-alone optional module with MYLY School ERP.
Madhup Bansal, Co-Founder & COO said, “The solution has been priced at a very attractive price-point where even Schools with limited budgets will not have a problem in adopting the solution. We wish to ensure that every child in every school vehicle is safe, secure and their school and parents have up-to-date information about their location.”

He further added that, “Our solution will be easy-to-install and easy-to-use. The complete package including the GPS device, SIM card, Installation service, training and software roll-out along with the Mobile app will be provided by MYLY. Schools don’t need to deal with multiple vendors and technologies.”

Gaurav Mundra informed that, “MYLY has tied up with Autocop and Tata Docomo Business Services for the solution. These tie-ups allow us to provide GPS tracking solution to schools all over India. We are not only in a position to install but also provide maintenance and post-sales service to our customers anywhere in India through these tie-ups.”

He added that, “MYLY GPS tracking solution has the ability to integrate with RFID solutions to track each student’s attendance on the vehicle. This will provide information on which student has boarded the school vehicle and when & where he/she de-boarded. There is an option to attach a panic button for emergency situations.”

Madhup Bansal emphasized the fact that “Mobile phone based GPS solutions are highly vulnerable to manipulation by the bus staff. If the driver plays rogue and turns off the mobile phone, there will be no location transmission and the solution will fail. Therefore, MYLY has gone with GPS hardware based tracking which is far more difficult to manipulate, making it a far more reliable solution.”

About EduCommerce Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

EduCommerce Technologies Pvt. Ltd. owns and operates the technology platform MYLY for Schools, colleges and educational institutions. It provides technology solutions to educational institutions including School Mobile App, School ERP and School Bus GPS tracking solutions.



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