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Need help with Jquery Image Gallery Grid

I looking for a help from an expert in Jquery. I am looking for a pinterest like grid with option to load more images as the user scroll down.

I have tried searching google a lot but couldn’t find something which could serve my purpose. Each one had some or other issues, when we tried to load close to 300+ images.

Hence thought may be someone from TRHS could help me.

Following are my requirements :

1. I have 3 orientations images – horizontal, vertical and square orientations, note each orientation would have equal height and width.

2. Should be responsive & really fast.

3. Should work along with PHP and have a pagination option.

4. Gallery Size is min 300 images per category

I found something on google and was nice till the gallery size is small, but it is really slow when the size is large say over 300+ designs.

Thanks once again for your help.




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  1. Hey Amit,

    I was facing a similar issue. I went to and Put up my problem. Experts from various fields contacted me. I gave them a evaluation project and if the passed with my satisfaction. I awarded them the full project. However the above option is risky and just temporary solution.

    The long term solution would be to have an expert on with you. Some friends may be.


    madhuresh shah

  2. Thanks Madhuresh.. but looking for an expert help…

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