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Needed – Web Doctors

Opportunity for “Web Doctors’

Who are we?

C2W Digital is the interactive arm of contests2win and has been doing state of the art work in the digital space with Fortune 500 clients.  Visit :

What is the opportunity?


Our forte is creativity, designing and support infusing interactivity in the communication goals of our clients. Most of our clients have their own online sites and destinations, and they are now seriously re-examining their websites and evaluating how they digitally present themselves online. 


In this connection, we are looking for a partner who can work with us as a ‘Web Doctor’, to help examine our clients websites, diagnose issues and prescribe remedies.


What is the Mandate?

Most corporates who own a website have it more as a legacy and they are beginning to question things like, “Is my site relevant to users?”, “Is the UI good enough?”

etc. In short, simply having a website is just not enough these days. To make it relevant for its audience is critical. Some of the popular questions that corporate or brands are asking:

 1.    Is the present Page Layout, User Interface, Graphics, text etc. user friendly i.e layout, tabs, site navigation optimized for User Experience?

 2.    Is the Content Placement on the site optimal for users to see and search most relevant content easily on the site?

 3.    How do they drive relevant traffic to the website?

 4.    Is basic hygiene like SEO, tags etc. deployed on the site?

 5.    How do they best configure Google Analytics to study the current website health?

We need partners who already do these activities, using GLOBAL BEST PRACTICES benchmarks and Success Stories with Clients in India.

If you think, you can help us with the above, please submit your credentials along with one detailed case study wherein you helped a client launch a successful website. An approximate range of cost and the time taken for only a site evaluation will be helpful in taking this ahead.

Kindly email your submissions to

The PDF of this RFP is attached


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