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If the Maharaja is Nanga, why am I supplying the Pyjama?

Air India is broke, bankrupt and hopeless.

Why on earth should I be paying (via my tax rupees) to support one of the worst run businesses on earth?

The Government is expected to infuse 1200 crores in the Airline with NO definite business plan. The guidelines of the Govt to cut expenses, automate the business and create a viable business model has still not been taken care of by the Airline. I read that the Airline is not retiring Old planes, its not appointing a COO nor Independent Directors on its board.

Savor these data points – Air India lost 5551 Crores this year! Its debt is 40,000 Crores!

No Business with this kind of Balance Sheet can ever survive or be turned around.

I believe that a Class Action Suit against the Government needs to be filed to STOP this disbursement. 

New Delhi can’s squander away 1/3rd of my earnings (taxes) to fund these morons salaries who should be laid off years ago.

The challenge of democratic governments pretending to do run businesses is exactly this. Its NOT the business of the government to BE in Business.

The alternate is to stop paying tax. Or best even avoid it?


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  1. 100% agree.

    And I can’t believe consumers still fly the airline.
    Despite the shoddy punctuality records, issues with maintenance, and the general bad attitude.
    It isn’t like they offer better prices either.
    So why do people opt to fly Air India?

  2. To Govt. of India

    If we don’t like Air India better shut it off… but don’t purposely kill a good airline just to promote private airlines.I strongly believe in the brand AIR INDIA.

    Alok, i m sure u must have heard the Radia tapes on Air India and Praful Patel.

  3. Very rightly said Alok.

  4. It is an old khacchar vehicle (made-so over the yrs) to make money for its executives by deploying money in   shady projects to get kickbacks. airline material vendors, its 40 yr old air-hostesses, and the alrdy rusted old staff’s retirement times. 


    And ofcourse for the MPs and bureaucrats to enjoy the free rides.  How do you expect such lucrative source for so many involved, to be shut down ? Ha Ha. Its matter of prestige also for the govt.


    So it like other such cases will be towed till we people take radical approach to elect an accountable govt.


    On another note: I seriously feel there should be a wikileaks type of IndianLeaks which has respository of entire govt. machinery structure and people can report individual instances. Collect this data and deploy a dedicated agency to investigate such mismanagement cases along with that of corruption. Everything backed with paper proof and dedicated independent team armed with a News media channel solely for this purpose.

  5. And to think, had vomited out loud in Dec

  6. Most of us know this ! Alok wrote about it absolutely straight from the gut ! We nodded. 


    What happened with the Save Tigers ? lots of groups , lots of noise, lots of social up there cheese n wine evenings of the “who’s who” in their designer top to toe bling condemning it, T-shirt vendors did some good business w tiger printed T’s  ….. lots of data flew around …

    Ab kya … ?


    CWG, All of us in Delhi witnessed a change in the machinery of Delhi during those days. the yellow lanes demarcated for CWG traffic … NO one dared to cross it … Y becos the govt. decided to fine Rs. 2000 per violation !

    The cops ! So polite ! The regular busses off the roads. .. There is a lot happening w Kalmadi etc getting hauled up.. I don’t think he was alone in it. Govt. machinery does not function without bureaucracy …So who and where are the others ? Ok leave this aside… even if the guys is sentenced … what w the squandered public money ?

    Will the govt. reduce taxes to compensate the common man? 


    The toll at Delhi Gurgaon started with an odd Rs. 17 each time you crossed. its 21 now !!!! 4 rs!!!! do u see the rate ? and the inconvenience  ??? 


    I can go on an on… and it irritates me as I feel helpless. We cant do a damn !


  7. My young son came up with a very interesting yet a bit disturbing solution to make the GOI respond on money stashed in the Swiss banks and elsewhere, and in some ways I find the thought resonating here too – Dad, let’s STOP paying taxes 🙂

  8. we have a saying that should mean – tooth picking and feeling stomach


    guies read my post should IAS be replaced by IIMers….

  9. No Money to Pay Aviation fuels, No money to pay Airport dues, No Money for Salaries – WHY IS THIS MESS ALLOWED TO CONTINUE??

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