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No need of calling businesses now,You can text them as a friend !! “Talkto”

 BY-Harkirat Singh (Twitter)(Google+)

                                   Just imagine this service,you can book your hotel room by texting or you can know whether your favorite stuff  is in the store or not. Isn’t that great,but a sad news comes along this service will be basically available in States right now.A new app, TalkTo, lets users interact with any business in the United States via text messages sent from their iPhone, Android phone or Web applications. Its creators say it is convenient and efficient.

                            It will be just like talking to a friend,you just need to type the name of the business and list will come of more than ten million businesses registered with this service and one of its representatives will respond directly to the request. For companies that are not on board, TalkTo has put together a team of agents that will dig up the information, make the required phone calls, and then relay the response via text.




                      We all know there’s a lot of money in providing services and i am sure this app will be a huge success in the coming future but  Will it be to the standards ?? This raises a lot of question people love services but if they are not good they don’t even look back to it so there’s a lot of work that they have to do.

                 The free app works with any business in the United States, according to Levinson, adding that his biggest challenge is convincing consumers to change their habits.

“Think about every time someone contacts a business, we want people to realize that they don’t have to make those phone calls.”


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