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How blogging changed my life

 As featured in the The Smart Manager Nov-Dec 2012 issue:



I am a devout Art of Living disciple and have been practicing my ‘Kriya’ (spiritual practice) very diligently for the past 12 years now.

A couple of years ago, I noticed that despite meditating with utmost devotion, I wasn’t experiencing a ‘high’. What was worse was that even if I missed my meditation for a couple of days, I wasn’t experiencing a ‘low’.

Something was wrong and I met my teacher to ask her the reason.

She said, “Alok, your cup is full to the brim. You need to empty it to experience a sense of replenishment. Go and give back.”

That really struck me like a thunderbolt and it occurred to me that I had to give back to society – from whom I had received everything.

The problem was that when I tried to do the conventional charity stuff (going to hospitals to donate medicines, etc), I was repulsed. Those places made me uncomfortable. I was puzzled on how to ‘give back’.

That’s when it hit me that as a digital entrepreneur who had been lucky to survive 14 long industry years, I had seen and done a lot. I had the knowledge that so many entrepreneurs needed. I had the scars on my back that needed to be shared.

When you wish for good things, good things happen.

I woke up one night at 3 am with the name ‘Rodinhood’ in my head. It was the combination of Augustine Rodin who had sculpted ‘The Thinker’ and Robin Hood who did good things. signified their combination – to ‘Think and Do’.

As if possessed, I began to write everything that I had experienced as an entrepreneur. My lawyer read some blogs, called me up and said, “Alok, your blogs are embarrassingly naked, and that’s why they are so good. Keep them up.”

A year later, I had written 100 blogs with titles such as ‘What I learnt at Marwari Business School’, ‘VC is Venture, Vapor, Vulture and Vampire Capital’, etc.

My blogs were a hit and all of a sudden, my life changed.

– Harvard Business School invited me to speak as part of an Indian Entrepreneurial summit they were hosting.
– Young entrepreneurs started coming up to me in airplanes and cafés to asked me questions or share their ideas!
– Leading publications began to ask me to contribute as a guest writer.

The Satori moment came a couple last year when I thought ‘Why Rodinhood? Why singular? Why not many Rodinhoods…?’

I launched ‘’ – a social network for Entrepreneurs and that was the take off point.

Entrepreneurs from all walks of life found a platform and a place to share, discuss, learn and give back!

TheRodinhoods began meeting up on Fridays in my conference room – we named it the Open House! Initially about 4-10 entrepreneurs would turn up. Within a year we moved to the National Stock Exchange Auditorium with 150 attendees!

Today, TheRodinhoods has over 3600 8500 11500 12,500 members, 1000+ 4250+ 6000+ 6500+ blog articles/discussions and a very vibrant, real community that meet as often as they can. So many Rodinhoods work and co-operate with each other!

Blogging helped me to share. It let me give back. And in return I received a sense of fulfillment that I have never experienced in my life…


This and Sumant Mandal’s prodding was really why I kept blogging…


Lesson learnt  : Give back to society and you will feel fulfilled…



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  1. Very very inspiring…. 

  2. Alok is always inspiring, shall be showing it to all office members, we almost force people to blog Even my blogging habit helped me get many big deals. The biggest learning happens when you “share or teach”. I borrowed one sentence from here for my blog today

  3. thanks for the wonderful sharing Alok…I am also an Art of Living member for past 7 years and slowly life has taken a change in direction for me…the good old job which once seemed so good (I used to actually pity people who wanted to start own business) etc, seems completely turned upside. Now, the feeling of giving back has so swept me that I know it cannot happen with my regular desk job. I want to move out and serve, to stop “doing” and start “making a small difference”

    I have recently been active on and found loads of good advice and helpful people – a big community, where I can see that I am not alone. 

    Long live the spirit of service…Jgd:)


  4. Thank you for your contributions Alok and also very grateful to your teacher for :

    She said, “Alok, your cup is full to the brim. You need to empty it to experience a sense of replenishment. Go and give back.”

  5. I agree , “When you wish for good things, good things happen” . a time had come when i started thinking visiting FB  for a small community i know , i was feeding in junk and wasting my time. Bloging too is so rediculous , but i found some solace that so many independent stream of self revealing sensible thoughts …… eager to meet all of you in Delhi in one of your meets … .

    Can i initiate with the Rodinhooders community support , a chapter in Patna and feel good .
    Although i am not so competent but keen to imbibe the best from youthful innovators by anchoring them …. Welcome .
    None is a genius till he is one , after becoming so , he is puzzled yet again…. !!!

    May every Unguided Missile find its target , just think and do .
    You give or take hardly matters , after all .

  6. Thanks for the post. Inspiring, Lively and Interesting. 

  7. Very interesting !

    Numbers are really inspiring for others to follow ! 

  8. happy 4th rodinhood! thank you for blogging and making an entrepreneur’s journey less lonely…

  9. “TheRodinhoods” Home Sweet Home of Entrepreneurs.. Thanks Alok for creating it. 

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