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Partnership Offer/Request. CamacOn: A Crowd Analytics and Artificial Intelligence Solution

Hi, Greetings from CamacOn. We are a crowd analytics and artificial intelligence solution and presently we are working to change and reinvent the dynamics of the Event Management Industry.

Coming directly on what we offer and why are we contacting you, here is a list of bullet points on how our solution might interest your business:

  • With our solution, we will give you a thorough analysis on when should you really host your event, a day wise accurate analysis of exactly how many people will turn up for your event on the corresponding dates that you have chosen.
  • We will tell you, the exact number of parking space that you might require for your event, including a differentiated distribution of the 2 wheelers and the 4 wheelers coming in for your event.
  • We will also tell you how many people will prefer alcohol and other add-ons inside the premises, so you exactly know, whether you should host the bar inside/outside or not at all.
  • We will also do a pre-launch marketing for your event at no additional cost.
  • And above them all, we will give you the database of the exact real people who are interested in your event (A very Targeted Audience), so you know exactly whom to contact to sell your tickets.
  • Therefore, 1-2 months prior to your event, we will make sure you have a predefined houseful!

If the above interests you, our service is free for the next 8 months if you plan to get on board with us right now.

So pick the phone, and let us fix an appointment soon!


Gaurav Singh

Co-Founder and CEO

IceLeap Inc & CamacOn

Cell: +91-7743875799



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