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Qualifying B2B Sales Leads

You come across several websites every day. You probably have tons of B2B Sales leads that you have generated using social media, emails, or organically through your website.

With access to a worldwide pool of potential clients for your business, it’s becoming more and more important to weigh which leads are worth your effort—and which are likely to result in a dead end. As more leads come in, your sales reps need to quickly ascertain whether they’re suitable. Novice reps often assume that if a lead is contacting them, they must be qualified. But there are a number of reasons why this is not the case. Are they the right business size? Do they have compatible technology? Are they in the right geography? Do they have the right business case? Do they have money?
There are several questions you need to ask before you start investing your time in chasing the leads.

You can Install StartupFlux Chrome Extension to quickly browse important company information like location, funding, business models, tech stack etc right from your browser.

Or use StartupFlux to search companies, and to effortlessly create actionable lists of leads. Boost your workflow and find more business opportunities. 

You can also monitor trends in team size, web traffic, media mentions, and more.  For eg: You can go after companies that have raised a recent $1 million or more in funding round. Or you can chase companies that have recently hired a new CEO.

Having a lean team and a super efficient Sales team in a Startup is very important. And qualifying a sales lead before you start spending your time and efforts on them will help you essentially do that. Unless you’re a large enterprise company who sells to a wide audience, your best bet for growth is to identify a niche that you excel in and exploit it.

All this adds up to saving money for the Business.

God Speed!


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