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SafeCity needs your 2 mins to make India safer

In 2012, a very brutal gang rape incident happened on the streets of Indian capital city – Delhi, it is so gut wrenching to even recall that incident & quote it here; this horrible incident made huge news waves and awakened a nation of billion to act up. The girl dint survive, she went by a pseudonym as ‘Nirbhaya’ (fearless) for her valor in fighting the assailants. Her real name was never released in any news media to protect her modesty and identity…  

Shortly after, a startup by three women, Elsa, Saloni & Surya, decided to change the way women are treated in public places and put an end to sexual harassments, cat calls and abuses, by using technology & the power of Internet. Thus was born, a not-for-profit initiative that aims to ‘pin the creeps’ on a crowd-sourced Google Maps through anonymous entires of data submitted by women who are subjected to harassment of any kind at public places.

Today, over 4000 incidents are reported on, and they are tirelessly working on addressing this problem by working with local communities, police, etc., to make India a better and safer place for women.

Safecity has made it to the finals of Google Startup Success Story, do take a look at the video here and should you like to help them? then ‘up vote / like / thumbs up‘ on the YouTube video. Your like is what will make them win the Global challenge. The last date is 4 December 2014 – not much time at hand. Do share on your social media profiles as well. Pleaaassssseeeee. 

More details can be found here 

Google contest or no contest, this video is worth sharing with every women – friends, sisters, cousins, etc., Come on, lets support Safecity and help them make India safe for women. The web is what you make of it, and Safecity uses it make India a safer place for women.

Thanks for your support 


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  1. quick one – can you pls link the ‘global challenge’ you are referring to hardik – so we all know what we’re voting for!


  2. The link to the global challenge is here

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