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Single Founders, Tattoos, Bulls, Bug Bites and Bangalore Beckons! [Aug 27-Sept 2, 2016]

Hey Rodinhooder,

How did the week treat you? I had an adventurous one! I just came back from Mumbai where I met my fav raging bull :). Don’t go by that smile, looks can be very deceiving!!

I’m back in Goa, but my heart is in Bengaluru right now!!  Yeah! I’m super excited about TRH OPEN HOUSE on SEPT. 24!! Check venue details; block your calendar AND PLS RSVP HERE. I repeat, PLS RSVP HERE. It will help you get a seat + samosa. But most importantly, it will ensure a quick entry at the venue! Talking about the venue… let’s give a big shout-out to our Venue Partner Yahoo! for being so awesome!

We have some amazing sessions lined up for you! So block the date and see you soon!!

The Big Catch!

‘How we hit #1 Rank in the USA on Google Play Store!’ Alok shares some valuable lessons learnt as an Indian Company!! 

‘Perseverance dies a silent death’ – Vivek shares his opinion on the recent GoZoomo story…

“It’s a hell. Everything takes 4x longer and is 4x stressful.” That’s what Rishi said when I asked him What’s it like to be a Single Founder?? Eight Rodinhooders share the pros and cons of not having a co-founder! Do share your perspective as well!

Questions & Ideas!

Rodinhooder Arun needs to come up with a business partnership proposal. Can anyone tell him how to draft one?

Rodinhooder Ajinkya is excited and bubbling with ideas. He wants to know which 5 great business ideas will Reliance 4G make possible?


Have you been bit by the Startup Bug?!  Kriti knows the symptoms….!

Keep walking, you will find your way… If you’ve been following Rodinhooder Gomti’s personal stories of how she educated herself – this one is the next part of the series…!  

Random acts of kindness from Rodinhooders unknown… Rodinhooder Narinder shares a kind testimonial for each one of you who has helped him and his wife take their respective first steps…

Hey, it’s raining startup EVENTS and startup JOBS. Snooze you lose!! 

Did you miss last week’s hit interview with Mulchand? He spills it all – from why he was named Mulchand to how he runs two ventures at the same time!!! Find it and more in last time’s newsletter!


If you have the urge to catch up with any of the rodinhooding action you may have missed: FIND IT ALL HERE!

And if you’re new to TRH and haven’t read ALL OF ALOK’S POSTS – book mark this 🙂

So that’s all for now. I’ll be doing some family time in the Ganpati School break. Hoping you are doing the same!! Feel free to send me some happy bulls, modak recipes, business ideas and single founders… errr the ones who are looking for co-founders 🙂

my friend gannu joins me in wishing you a blessed & blissful long weekend.


asha chaudhry
co-founder & editor 
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