Solving investors/traders problems

Hello Rodinhoods! This is Suresh Panigrahi. I have been in the equity markets for the past 12 years. At present, I am working as an investment consult...Read More

100 things that I learned while building my startup

  Awarded the “Rodinstar” Post  of the week!!   Yesterday night, which turned out to be a sleepless night, I sat down and recoun...Read More

The 12.5 things I learnt in 2015!

1. Be HUMBLE I asked Housing.com (perhaps rudely) a question on why their hoardings media strategy made no sense to me as a media observer. The CEO of...Read More

[Showcase] Technology Innovation for India

This post is about the technology innovation that allowed Baxi Taxi to stay ahead of the curve in its first year of operations. Baxi (Bike + Taxi) is ...Read More

Through the ‘winters’ of funding season; an entrepreneurial journey

In my early days as an aspiring entrepreneur during the summers of 2013, I regarded the founders of companies who managed to raised funds as heroes. T...Read More

5 Business Lessons I learnt from my Family shop

5 Business lessons I learnt from my family shop : When I was growing up in my hometown, at the age of 11 I started going to my family shop, the shop w...Read More

Building an online community – my hits & misses while building TheRodinhoods!

For quite some time now, many rodinhooders have been reaching out to me requesting me to share some learnings on community building. While community m...Read More

Mistakes to avoid from a first time entrepreneur

Building startups is not easy and can take a toll on your life. This presentation talks about three major difficulties I faced while working on my las...Read More

My journey of being an entrepreneur… and its end

A year after selling a part of the business and closing operations for good, I can now look at the rear view mirror more objectively. These are my lea...Read More

‘My 5 Entrepreneurial Learnings of 2015’ as shared by Founders!

It’s that time of the year on TheRodinhoods :). 2015 has been an exciting (apparently an Indian startup got funded every 8 hours!), yet an unpredictab...Read More

24 Things I’ve Learnt from Starting a Successful Pseudo Start-up

Some friends and acquaintances call me up to discuss how they should ‘go about’ their start-ups. Now, just because Lawctopus became a hit, doesn’t mea...Read More

An Untold Story of a Failed Startup – 11 Lessons Learned

After working for nearly 5 years, a Kolkata boy decided to join his ex-colleagues turned friends who were starting up their own company. They had work...Read More

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