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Solving investors/traders problems

Hello Rodinhoods! This is Suresh Panigrahi. I have been in the equity markets for the past 12 years. At present, I am working as an investment consultant, sub-broker, and trading coach. Over the years I have struggled to find a system which can make my trading/investment decisions easy. There are softwares and websites available which makes the job a bit easier, but even then, a trader/investor has to understand the technical tools available to use them effectively. There are no effective ways of scanning stocks for trading in live market hours. No tools for monitoring options spreads, no virtual mentoring while in the trade/investment.

I have always wanted all these features and lot of other features in a website or software so that my job becomes a bit easier. Now I’m considering building it myself instead of waiting for others to build it. And when I am building it, why just build it for myself and why not make it available to the general public, so that anyone who has little or no knowledge of equity markets, commodities market, forex market or crypto-currencies market can make good trading/investment decisions.

I post few of my analyses on my twitter account ( I want to make those analyses automated in my website (anyone with no knowledge of financial markets can use) and also have solutions to all the problems a trader/investor faces.

I need your help in taking my idea forward. Please help!


Suresh Panigrahi


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