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Tatas, Marwaris, Microsoft, Upwork, Chatbots, Automation and lots of Mistakes! [Oct 22-28, 2016]

My dear Rodinhooder,

It’s been some week, huh?! Well you must be all excited about the festivities in the air – so won’t go on and on as usual :). 


Since Tata is the flavour of the week, do read Alok’s ‘Mr Marwari have you met Mr Tata?’

Why Microsoft should acquire Upwork – Rodinhooder Mahesh shares his analysis and opinion! #MUSTREAD


Tavaga Update: SEBI flexes its regulatory muscles

Rodinhooder Khuzema reckons chatbots are going to replace conventional apps & websites. Do you agree? Share your views!

Learn better online using Knowledge Maps! Rodinhooders Arjun & Pavneet share their one year updates!

Divesh needs your help to figure out how he can integrate technology in his offline education venture that helps innovate Mathematics in the classroom…

Meethe and Not-so-Meethe Mistakes!

Mistakes to avoid while building a startup as shared by a first time entrepreneur!

My hits & misses while building a startup community called TheRodinhoods :). This PPT is dedicated to each one of you!



Funding Vortex – Kriti’s latest comic!

Automation Argument – Two camels in a tiny car!

IvyCamp has partnered with Airbus Bizlabs to offer a unique acceleration program for startups! APPLY BY NOV 20, 2016!

If you love startup communities and are a content writer – We are looking for a Business/Startup Content Writer!! Please apply or suggest!!

In case you missed reading last time’s newsletter – you can find it here!

Last evening Alok shared something inspiring over social media. Signing off with this thought for you!

“Diwali should be the FIRST DAY Ram left the comfort of his life. That’s what real courage is. Ask any entrepreneur the days she remembers as the most thrilling & frightening and the answer is usually the first few days of starting up.

Celebrate your own Diwali – not because something is coming to an end, but because something is just beginning…”’
may you prosper and grow…


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