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Startup Online testing platform


I run an offline JEE coaching institute in my hometown and now ventured into this online testing platform where users can take various mock tests.

A little introduction about helps students to prepare for exams like JEE Main, Advanced, BITSAT, NEET and even CBSE students from class 6th to class 12th can take exams on the platform.

Why it is required?

Currently most of the exams are going for the online mode, scrapping the offline exams totally. JEE Main has already started the online exams and BITSAT has been doing it for a while and all the banking exams are already in the online mode. Also, there are plans of making engineering exams totally online in the coming one or two years.

What do we bring to the table? wants to help students to get familiarize with the pattern and toughness of the exams. Students can analyse their performance after every week and compare it with other through the all India tests. Questions on our platform are created by a group of IIT Kharagpur graduates who are vastly experienced in their domain and we have sought help from highly experienced faculties from the medical field. Currently we have more than 50,000 questions on the platform and we are gradually increasing the number of questions on a daily basis. 

We offer both Chapterwise Tests and Full Tests for the students.

Some of the analysis that a student can have on our portal are:

  • Month wise Test Analysis
  • Week Wise Test Analysis
  • Subject Wise Preparation Analysis
  • Difficulty Level Analysis
  • Question wise Time spent analysis
  • Chapterwise preparation analysis
  • Comparision of your performance with toppers

Pricing :

We are currently trying the freemium model in which there are free tests available for the new users who sign up and if they like the platform after using it they can opt for Premium level access.

If you want to buy any package like JEE Main, Advanced, BITSAT  individually it will cost you Rs 1999 and if you want to buy combined package of JEE Main+Advanced+BITSAT it will cost you Rs  2999.

We are offering two coupon codes :

LAUNCH : Rs 1500 OFF on any package

TEST : Rs 2000 OFF on combined package.

We are also in process of getting Banking questions on the website as soon as possible.

I would like to ask certain questions for people who are operating something similar or an ecommerce portal.

1. What was your average customer acquisition cost?

2. I tried some Adwords and around 25% users who are clicking are becoming users.  Average acquisition cost of an user is quite high currently, it’s around Rs 40 per user. Other methods have resulted better results. I am also going to try Facebook marketing soon. How to make them our premium customer?

3. Should I try for press release? 

4. We got covered in our local newspapers out here, but after checking some competitors I feel we need to go national. Should we try hiring a small PR firm to get news on big news websites? And what’s the cost for such stuff? And whether that is the right way to go about it?

Our Social profiles :


Twitter : @testseriesco


Bishwajeet Mahato


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  1. hi bishwajeet,

    where is your hometown?

    so i realise you are solving a real problem here – how are you going to differentiate yourself from the other ventures in this space? we have quite a few similar ones on trh itself – do use the search feature 🙂

    i got stuck on one point – “even CBSE students from class 6th to class 12th can take exams on the platform.”

    are you saying kids from 6th std also take these kind of tests online? is it a normal practice? i’m in shock!!

    check out our ASK RODINHOODERS section where you can ping PRIYADEEP or RAMANUJ for some answers regarding “customer acquisition cost”

    as far as PR is concerned – you must go through both of these –

  2. Good start but I’m worried about the following:

    – isn’t this offering already in the market by many people?

    – what is your deffrentiator? WHY you guys?

    – as far as marketing goes, apply the ASL filter : what is the age, sex and location of your target customers? Then apply where and how to find them?

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Sorry for the late reply.
    @asha The site is loading a bit slow and I m not able to reply to individual Replies.

    We are currently based out of Jamshedpur,also known as TATAnagar. For the sixth class thing, we just added questions as we had them with us and we aren’t targeting them. We just put it there as the industry bigwig FIITJEE has classes from 6th onwards.

    We are trying to differentiate ourselves with the content that we are providing them,as I can’t compete right now with the big VC funded startups in the marketing front.We are thinking of the organic growth route through word of mouth publicity. In this industry if we can show the results by next year I think students will come to us.

    In the first year, we are thinking of results that we can have for our Offline coaching too as I think it will complement our offline business too. If we grow our coaching , it will help our online testing platform too.

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