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The Destiny Of Your Life


Ever wondered why some people never lose?
Ever wondered why some people don’t think twice,
Yet always get it right?

He studies all night
Checks everything twice
Yet loses to the one
Who slept like a baby alright!

Ever wondered why this happens?
Is there a greater task you must fight?
To achieve your dreams you seek,
Because of how you think your life through…

There is a Law at work,
One that never fails those on its side
To know that Law is Holy
To follow it truly is considered folly…

What you seek must come to you
By means you never knew to be true
What you want exists already
You’ll get it when the time is new

Attract all the negativity you want
It will all come to you
Live life fearless and brave
And you’ll never make it to the grave

He who made YOU knows it all
He will answer your doubts one day
I promise this is true
You’re His saviour
You’re His son
He made you so he too could learn

Ask for what you want today
What you seek he forever knew
Believe in Him and yours it shall be
He’s just waiting for your turn

The most prepared shall seldom lose
Preparation is key
And when you’re prepared
He’ll set you free!

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About the author:


Aakshey Talwar is the founder and CEO of Gaia Internet aka and Weaving Thoughts. Both companies are really two sides of the same coin.

Gaia Internet is an on-demand content writing service that is trying to make a mark for itself.

GaiaQ has worked as a content vendor with Nearbuy, MobiKwik, Portea, VC Circle, Economic Times, Times Internet, Hyatt, CoverFox and many more big brands.

Aakshey was a Dipsite and graduated from CBS (DU). He is a big foodie, avid music lover and crazy gadget freak!

To learn more about Aakshey Talwar or to contact him, visit

To learn more about GaiaQ, visit

To learn more about Weaving Thoughts, visit


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  1. I loved everything about this post.
    Sorry Aakshey, but taking every words of this post to my personal notes.
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks so much mate. 🙂

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    Прошу подсказать.
    С уважением.


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