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The Rodinhood Firehose

Last week, we showcased Fin10 – India’s first Personal Finance course via Email.

On Saturday, Alok shared a link to Fin10 on his Fb page…and opened a firehose of traffic to our website.

It turned into an interesting discussion on Facebook. 

Some people felt Rs 1000 for a 3 month course was too much (it should be free) while others felt it was too less. Some wanted sample lessons while others acknowledged the need but weren’t sure if Rs 1000 was worth the value they would get from this course…etc etc..

And here is the interesting thing…As the discussion grew on Fb, so did the number of people registering. Over the last 2 days, we have had, 50 new registrations till now.

We have got a lot of early adopters from the rodinhoods – and we wanted to say Thank You in our small little way.

So here is the 10×10 deal: A free course for 10 Rodinhooders.

From among all those who signup and pay for our course till the 10th of June, we will select 10 randomly selected Rodinhooders whose course fee will be refunded. 

Yep, your course can be absolutely free. No strings attached.

So yes, as Alok says, if Personal Finance Stumps  you or makes you choke, signup for –Personal Finance lessons delivered to your inbox daily – 1 lesson at a time! 

Just remember to select “The” in the dropdown list to the question “How did you hear about us ?here.

Based on the feedback from everyone, we are also announcing a 100% money back policy – if you aren’t happy with the course in the first 30 days, you get your money back with no questions asked.

The only thing we aren’t doing it is making it free – We don’t like Free very much, because

  • If you pay peanuts, you typically get monkeys
  • And if you get something for free, you usually don’t value it very much.



UPDATED 16th of June

As we had announced on this post earlier, 10 Rodinhooders among those who signed up till the 10th of June would get a free course from Fin10. A list of winners is as below:

  1. Harsh Gilda
  2. Sachin Bhatnagar
  3. Puneet Aggarwal
  4. Ankit Shard
  5. Rahul Singh
  6. Vigneshwar Poojar
  7. Alok Saraogi
  8. Deepak Kumar S
  9. Rajaram Pittala
  10. Bose Sumantraa
  11. Manoj Borse *

* Manoj wins a free course in the spirit of sharing (for taking the time and effort to create an excel modeling sheet for growth returns)

We have received some great feedback from all of you including Alok – A recurring feedback was having a free trial course so people could experience it before signing up.

We heard you and now have a FREE course. Not just a trial but a free course. And you only pay for the additional extras if you find them of value 🙂

So those of you who probably wanted to sign up but weren’t sure if Rs 1000 was worth it, here is your chance to explore it.

Thank you all once again for your feedback and support.



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  1. did people pay up boss???

  2. Some of them have…not as many as we would have liked but we are happy with a current conversion rate of 20%.

    Hopefully, after the trial classes, the rest will pay up.

  3. Hi Alok, thank you for your feedback call the other day.

    We have now introduced a FREE course and not just a trial at 🙂

    The Rodinhood winners have also been announced above.

  4. Just Saw this post ! Thank you for the refund of Rs. 1000.
    It was great meeting you, Abhik, at the Delhi Meetup !

    Regards, Puneet

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