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Tim Cook, FBI, SnoopTech, College Dropouts, ClassTalk, Honey, Aquaponics & More Coffee! [March 19-25, 2016]

Kem cho Rodinhooder?

Alright cho?! You guessed right. Am in mero gaam in Gujarat for just a few days and am melting as I write! It’s been such a mixed week with the Brussels attacks, the nail-biting India vs. Bangladesh cricket match, Holi….. 

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We’ve had a mixed-content kinda week on TRH as well.


From a College dropout to a University Speaker – Read Aashish Chopra’s brave confession and feel proud of him! We really have such amazing Rodinhooders.  I hope this story inspires you to share your #HeckYeah story too…

How to hire your first VP Sales. Rodinhooder Sudip speaks one language called Sales, but he speaks it well!

Rodinya ke Rang!

Tim Cook vs. FBI – 3 takeaways & opportunities for entrepreneurs! Hey, what do you think of #SnoopTech?!!

Entrepreneurship at what cost? Alok has penned down a very thought-provoking post. Stop gorging on mithai and tell us, is entrepreneurship worth it, or not?!


My fav blog post of the week! It’s a debut post by Rodinhooder Srini called ‘My Coffee is best when heated for 1 min and 16 seconds!’ This is not just about being a creature of habits – it’s about celebrating breaking these habits – taking a risk for a change! Join me in wishing Srini good luck for his new life here in India!

‘5 steps for applying the law of attraction in your startups to attract success’ – a very subjective post on the merits of “making the Universe your genie”…

Startup Pichkari!

Honey House – natural honey & honey products. Rodinhooder Ashok says they are BETTER THAN THE REST! Check out how & why!

ClassTalk – a group-based app for last minute announcements for teachers to keep parents & students in loop!

Grow Aquaponics – the combined culture of fish and plants in re-circulating systems! (forget the jargon – just check this out and share some feedback! Rodinhooder Sathya is also looking for like-minded partners!)

Water balloons!

Lots of hot job opportunities on TRH! Do go through them – can’t share them all!

Rishi’s startup Rightaway is being talked about and he’s looking for an iOS Developer

And there are multiple openings in Kolkata!

We have nearly 100 INTERVIEWS on TRH! MeetTheRodinhooders is a special initiative we have where YOU can interview ANY RODINHOODER/Entrepreneur who inspires you and hasn’t really been talked about much. We have many interviews by different Rodinhooders in store for you, so do ping me if you wanna feature a rockstar!


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don’t forget to send me some gujiyas, honey, prawns, snooping devices, coffee & coffee mugs :). your love keeps me going…!!

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