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Trump, do a “Namo” on the Dollar and become Immortal!

Donald Trump must do to the Dollar what Namo (Narendra Modi) has done to the Rupee.

If you are unfamiliar with the de-monetization move by Namo, read here and also this (by me) to understand the principles behind the same.

It’s very simple.
The biggest crimes in the world – Drugs, Prostitution, Arms running, Terrorism, Havala, Black Money sent by Indians abroad, all operate using the U.S Dollar. Now imagine if Trump ‘de-monetizes’ the existing 100 Dollar Bill and puts a new one in its place, what will the impact be?!
Consider some important numbers.
The total amount of US Dollars in circulation is in the 1.2 – 1.4 Trillion US$:


A more updated chart :


Most of the US Bills in circulation are now 100$ Bills:


Now, the KILLER – Guess what is the % of US $100 Bills held OUTSIDE THE US?


It is in excess of 70% (updated numbers prove that the number is more like 85%)
So, why would the World need US$ MORE than the USA itself? The answer lies in the following pictures:




I guess you get the drift.
Criminals love large currency notes. This is why the 500 Euro Bill has been discontinued in the U.K. :



So, this is what Trump needs to do:
  • Get inspired by Namo. Have a chat with him if he wants to.
  • Make the current US$ 100 Bill ‘worthless’ by either asking for their exchange, notification or any other means possible. All Trump needs to do is hand over the problem to Zuckerberg or Google / Apple / Silicon Valley geniuses to come up with an EASY solution that doesn’t stall the genuine economy and yet completely SHUTS DOWN GLOBAL CRIME. The good news is that such a drastic move will hardly affect the US citizen’s life (unlike in India) given the small % of cash used vs. digital and cards etc.
If we think of the numbers, 80% of 1.4 Trillion Cash is outside the US. That’s 1.2 Trillion US$.  Even if 25% of this is linked to deep crime that’s 300 BILLION US$ which can be used to paralyse crime and illegal stuff.
If you compare this to the Indian situation, on 28th October 2016 the total banknotes in circulation in India was ₹17.77 lakh crore (US$260 billion). In terms of value, the annual report of Reserve Bank of India (RBI) of 31st March 2016 stated that total bank notes in circulation valued at ₹16.42 lakh crore (US$240 billion) of which nearly 86% (around ₹14.18 lakh crore (US$210 billion)) was ₹500 and ₹1000 banknotes.
Now, of the 210 Billion US$, if 15% is not returned due by the Black Marketers not wanting to get caught, that amounts to 30 Billion US$.
Trump can do 10 X of what Namo has done in one single shot. And doing so, he will be remembered as the man who cleansed the world and made it safer, better, prettier and healthier to live in – NOT as a man who groped women or called people names.






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