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UX Assist – First design focused iOS app from India to break the charts globally

Hello Rodinhooders,

I am Adit Gupta. I created an app for designers known as UX Assist. Here’s the iTunes link . 

It’s the first design focused app from India that has made into top 50 productivity apps for over 25 countries across the globe! 

What is the app?

Simply put, the app provides workflows for designers driven by UX activities. It’s the first product of its kind that has grouped UX activities into 12 unique workflows based on the kind of product you’re working on, namely, an optimum viable product, minimum viable product, client-based product and a data-driven product.

We all know that there can’t be a single best process to design a product. Hence, the app gives you activity based recommendations for each product type and assists you in making your own workflow according to your business and product requirements. Moreover, you get access to over 100 UX cards with bite-sized information about each activity.

You can use UX Assist offline and there’s no need to sign up for anything. Just download the app and start building your UX workflow!

How can the app help me as a designer?

As a designer, you’ve to perform various activities related to interaction design, information architecture and user research. According to a NN/g survey, 75% designers perform 16+ UX activities. That’s surely a full plate! UX Assist provides task based guidance in the form of workflows so that you never miss out on anything. Moreover, each task is bundled with a set of cards having bite-sized information about its implementation and links to tools, articles, case studies and papers. You can also learn about various UX practices followed in the industry.

I hope you guys will enjoy this app! It will be awesome to have your feedback about the app. The more the better! Let’s start the discussion! 🙂

You can also reach me on Twitter @aditgupta


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  1. Hello,

    Interesting concept. You should allow users to try app FREE version and provide in-app purchases to users to buy a specific design. I’m unable to gauge it’s usage for my company and and I would like to try a product before buying but that’s my personal opinion..

    All the best for your app !


  2. Thanks! The economics of In-app purchases does not work out for a niche app. 🙂 It’s fine when you’ve volume, like games, etc. 

    I’ve highlighted how designers can use the app for making their workflows. It can come as a handy tool when you’re launching or redesigning a new product. There’s a lot that needs to be done by designers and the app can assist them in tackling numerous UX activities with ease. 

  3. Do you have something like this for Android?

  4. Where are you based? Do you consult also?

  5. Hello Alok! I’m based out of Bangalore. Yes, I do consulting and UX auditing. 🙂

  6. Hi Adit,

    I am one of the founders of UserExperior, a mobile app usability assessment platform. We are looking for help from Usability Experts in the areas of consulting. Can you please share your contact details where I can connect you with.



  7. Hello Vimlesh,

    I am glad to connect with you. You can reach me at aditgupta AT gmail DOT com or adit AT finepointlabs DOT com

  8. Hi Adit,

    Thanks for sharing your details, I have sent an email to you.



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