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Virtual Reality Venture – G for Gestures

TheRodinhoods members, warm wishes to all of you. 
Remember few months back, a student asked on this platform if she can get funding for a project?

Remember the same student shared the news after exact one month that she got the funding and even Alok Kejriwal shared this news happily?

And after two months, she is all set with her venture and first product. 
Yes! We are launching the product now itself at the same place where everything started – TheRodinhoods!

Let me introduce you to G for Gestures, where we integrate Gesture Recognition and Virtual Reality. You control the Virtual world through your hands.

Our product takes you through a virtual tour of a 5 star hotel’s suite with your hand gestures.

Imagine you want to book a suite to stay at a 5 star hotel. But wait, do you know how the suite is going to be?

Do you know if the view outside is great or not ? What if the other vacant room is far better for you than the one the hotel staff allocated you?

What if I provide you with a Virtual tour of all the available suites and you decide – “ I want that suite! ”

The virtual tour controlled by you!

You will see the interior, travel through the different rooms, experience the outside view and finally get the essence of the suite.

Here’s the product!

With this we are also launching our website :

Frankly, I consider TheRodinhoods as a family more than a community because people here understand and support people like them. So, whatever I say here comes straight from heart – “I just wanted to give birth to this product.  For me being an entrepreneur is like being a parent to a newly born, you’ll learn to be one as the child grows. ”

I am a 20 year old college going student, I may lack the experience and expertise to take this product to greater heights but this is where the journey and challenge starts!

Let me know your thoughts.

Twitter – @RachanaB

LinkedIn – Rachana Bagde


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  1. hey this is so cool rachana!!!

    “gesture recognition” -WOW!


    i really loved the simplicity of your video – it says it all!!

    so apart from say, hotel suites, would real estate folks be able to use this? i’m thinking, who all could be your potential customers!

    let me share this immediately with everyone!

    GOOD LUCK!! pls keep us posted – we will be keen to know how ‘g for gestures’ is doing 🙂

  2. Hey,

    Thankyou so much for this appreciation to my work.

    Absolutely! Real estate folks can use this right away.
    Virtual Reality is something which can be applicable to almost every other domain. But the catch is creativity. How creatively we can implement the concept of gesture controlled virtual world.

    As I mentioned in the video, we are also working on Interactive Product launches, automotive displays, advertising and entertainment sector.

    Other than this we are open to implement this on demand basis. I don’t know how to say it technically or professionally. But, by this I mean, we are open to those clients who think they have great idea to implement the concept in their domain according to their wish. And we will do it for them plus will provide them services in the long run.

    For eg. our potential customers include

    • Automotive Giants for their user controlled automotive displays,
    • Event Management folks with creative ideas,
    • Theater groups who can use this technology to give more realistic and amazing impact on their audience,etc

      As we like to say, we demand creativity 🙂 


  3. Congrats Rachna on getting seed funding. I have used this “gesture” technology – for digital brochures — turning pages, triggering slideshows, animations, movies, etc. This was about 3-4 years ago and the response from the users and the client was that it was very clumsy!.

    I see, from your video, you are using your hands to navigate through a VR environment ( which I assume is 3D). I think the learning curve for this is going to be very steep and one would need to strike all kinds of “karate poses” to navigate. This may dampen the experience to a large extent!! I am not even going to get into on how you are going to marry this technology with photographs.

    I think if u use a gaming console, the experience is going to be much better. Also, if you can have handheld gesture controller for VR that also provides haptic feedback based on your content it will be greater immersive experience.

    Please get in touch via this community if you have any questions. Will be more than happy to help you fine tune your tech. Cheers!


  4. Rachana, Great job done here. Keep it up & Best luck.

  5. Hey,

    As you told you used this “gesture” technology about 3-4 years ago and the response was it was very clumsy. It all depends on how the developer has put efforts. I have taken care that it is fully in the users control standing in front of sensor. It doesn’t behave clumsy at all as you might have seen in the video. Its quite easy to handle!
    There your clumsiness issue is solved!

    Talking about the learning curve. You really don’t need those Karate poses and I myself don’t know anything at all about Karate 😛
    Again, referring to the video, its simple hand movements as your hand moves, the virtual controller moves. You don’t need to learn anything, just stand in front of sensor and you’ll be able to calibrate it naturally.

    Thanks for the suggestions regarding gaming and handheld gesture controller for VR. We’ll think in that direction.

    Yup. Will surely be in touch with you and thanks for the support.


  6. Thankyou Nilesh Gamit 🙂 

  7. You are more than welcome, Rachana. Will be happy to guide you.

    Can you please tell me what is the problem you are trying to solve using your Gesture controlled presentation. Also, is this software proprietary?


  8. Hii,

    Apologies for late reply.

    Enhancing the user experience, letting the user have an option rather than settling down with whatever is provided. For eg. for a hotel suite application, user has access to all the details of the suite virtually and he can decide his choice easily.
    Yes, it is a proprietary software.


  9. Congrats Rachna! All the best with your venture.

  10. Thankyou Kaizad Patel 🙂 

  11. Congratulations Rachna,

    Great Efforts!! I am an Entertainment Specialist, setting up Entertainment centers with VR & AR as its USP. Let me know how we could partner in this voyage?


    Sanjay Prabhu

  12. Hey,

    Superb! Would love to partner. 
    Can I get your mail id ?

    Or please contact us at


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