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What do you want in life ?

Sunaina (a fellow rodinhooder) and I met a few weeks ago to discuss how to scale her startup GreynGreen.

While discussing various ideas, we discovered that a lot of folks arent aware of what financial planning is, let alone the need for it or how to go about it.

We are doing a small dipstick, so could you take a quick minute to share some insights here.

If you want to remain anonymous, just don’t fill in your email id below.

Thanks a bunch for your time.

Note: You can share your insights here too publicly if you are comfortable via comments. We put up a form incase people were not fine with sharing info publicly.


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  1. Hi Abhik,

                 Have taken part in the survey, just curious to know how many people have taken part in the survey…?



  2. Thanks Karthik. Till now 3 people have shared their insights.

  3. Cool 🙂 

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