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What is Long Tail? Business Ideas and Startup concepts explained by Alok Kejriwal #Dhandhekibaat

Alok Kejriwal is passionate about explaining Business Ideas and Startup Concepts!

In this episode of the A-Z #Dhandhekibaat (Business talk) video series, Alok talks about The Long Tail.

Alok has chosen Long Tail as the topic and in this video and discusses the importance of Long Tail for everyone – be it a professional person or a businessman or entrepreneur.

The A-Z series of #Dhandhekibaat are designed to cover the most important aspects of Business and Entrepreneurship. While Alok has decided on the topics for the next Alphabets, he invites you to suggest ideas that he could review! Visit – to add your suggestions!

#Dhandhekibaat is a series of vlogs, posts, and discussions to make Business and Starting Up – Simple!

If you have a question, just ask it as a comment and Alok will answer it!

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  1. hey, awesome post…like your article….its great information about long tail keywords

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