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Which 5 great business ideas will Reliance 4G make possible?


You got information about this”Ambani’s ‘datagiri’“??

Can you imagine Uber/Ola without smartphones? Can you imagine Pokemon Go without smartphones?

Today, Mr. Ambani launched Reliance 4G. 4G is already present but the way Reliance is pricing it at; will make it omnipresent. This is not “0 to 1” but this is true “1 to infinity”.

There will technologies that will evolve into businesses that will thrive because 4G will be everywhere.

What will be these businesses?

What are your ideas?

Following are some of the ideas that crossed my mind:

1. Autopilot: We always believed till now Autopilot will be brought by Car manufacturers. No more! Every 4G phone will act as a central device. There will some phone with every passenger which will transmit data in real time to drive the car. Not just your car but the next car, and the one next to next to it will be also on autopilot. Imagine you can run your old Maruti Omni  on Autopilot by just fixing up a kit on your car!!!

2. Work from home but in Office: VR+ 4G is a killer combination. Now VR will create an exact office-like scene in front your eyes. You can sit at home and work like your in office.  For people like me in Mumbai, no worries about traffic, no offices with huge rentals!! Imagine, you save two hours daily!!!

Both above ideas are going to be feasible because of sheer population of India! The market will be so huge that many things that seem too expensive today are going to be very cheap because of the scale at which they will be made and sold.

What are other/ better ideas that you think are going to be game changing?

This is like sitting in 2006 and predicting Uber….

What will be the Uber-like thing of 2026?

Ajinkya Kulkarni, Cofounder,


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  1. Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality. 

  2. Entertainment. ZERO COST OF ENTERTAINMENT across the country.

    Content and Bandwidth should be made FREE to make this explode

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