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Random acts of kindness from Rodinhooders unknown

We live in a poor country. The population here has suffered from hunger and poverty for ages. Indians have inherited a “poverty gene” because of the food scarcity faced by them for ages. This poverty gene is responsible for excessive incidents of diabetes and heart stroke in Indians. This gene is also responsible for our “crab mentality”. “Crab mentality” is a thought process of crabs in an open box which motivates the crabs to pull down any crab trying to climb out of the box. Thus Indian crabs can be shipped in open boxes!!!! 

The country is now slowly moving from an economy of scarcity to prosperity. This prosperity economy may not follow the principle of demand and supply. Prosperity economy will have more supply of goods and services than demand. The competition will, therefore, be replaced by cooperation in this economy. The “Crab mentality” will be replaced by the thought “Alone we can do so little; together we can do much more.”

I did not truly believe in this turnaround story. It is difficult to be optimistic in the age of 24×7 news channel which regularly air news of crime and corruption. In this hot desert of despair, I found the Rodinhoods to be an oasis of cooperation and encouragement.

I asked the Rodinhooders “How should I take the first step…..?”. Help and advice poured in from the Rodinhooders. asha chaudhry was the first one off the block to help and educate me. Tanutejas SaraswatPuneet Nirogam AggarwalAshok HingoraniNeeraj Kumar;  Aalok Swamy;  Jitendra Goenka;  Prashant Pansare;and  Suresh Mansharamani also offered valuable guidance and support. Suresh Mansharamani invited me to his office for a cup of tea and discussed various options open to me. Aalok and Jitendra kindly offered me some work related to content writing to let me see if I could do this type of work.

While I was busy following the advice of Rodinhooders, my wife Kiran started her own venture which was posted as The First Step – my wife’s food venture! on the site. Again we were pleasantly surprised with the positive response and encouragement from the Rodinhooders. Asha went out of her way to help and guide us again. I was glad to hear from the master himself,  Alok Rodinhood Kejriwal who prodded us to find an USP for the product. Gomti Mehta and arpit shekhar offered a lot of encouragement. Such words of encouragement mean a great deal to a beginner. So let us all offer encouragement whenever possible. Tarun Chugh and Varun Miglani gave excellent suggestions to make a success of her budding venture. Kiran is still working on their suggestions.

Anant and Krishma of Mystical Bundle are also an outstanding example of kind and helpful  Rodinhooders. Both of them are foodpreneurs engaged in supplying exotic cakes to customers around Delhi NCR.  Anant offered some very relevant suggestions to ensure the success of the budding business. 

In spite of being in the same space, both of them agreed to meet us and help us (their competitors) in starting up.They were very open in answering our questions and offered some very helpful tips to sell more cakes. Their acts of kindness have touched our hearts. We are grateful to them.

It is heartening to note that rather than fighting over the distribution of a cake the Rodinhooders are busy in expanding the size of the cake. This attitude will surely take us from scarcity to prosperity. We are eager to play our part in this great effort. Rodinhooders please feel free to approach us for any assistance.




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  1. Choicest Cakes sounds very nice narinder! 

    many congrats! i think it’s awesome that you could meet up with sureshji, anant & karishma! 

    all the very best! do keep us updated on the progress!!

  2. Thank You Narinder!
    It was an absolute pleasure meeting you & discussing things. We were amazed to see the passion in you, which at times a lot of young lads like us lack. I am sure, a few months down the line ‘Choicest Cakes’ will be giving Mystical Bundle a tough competition.

    I learnt a lot of things from you as a person! You are a gem carrying hell lot of positive vibes.
    See you soon.

  3. Dear Asha,

    Thanks a lot for support and guidance.

    I hope the venture succeeds….


  4. Hi Anant,

    Thanks for the encouragement and your kind words.



  5. 🙂

  6. It is heartening to note that rather than fighting over the distribution of a cake the Rodinhooders are busy in expanding the size of the cake. tiny fishing

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