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Why? A meditative PPT for Entrepreneurs..

99.8% of people I meet are focused on Who, Where, When and What, but never on Why.
‘Why’ is troublesome… It’s ‘inconvenient’, it hasn’t got easy answers… It’s best left alone.

I strongly believe that WHY alone is what you need to do before you start something.

Check out this simple PPT and answer the WHY’s asked. If you think I have missed some, add them as comments and I will include them in the deck later!

Ps – If you are browsing via a mobile device, rotate the screen if that helps reading the deck better!

Download the deck from here:



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  1. Nice!

    Liked it… A lot of Why’s… I being from management background, theres something called a 5Y analysis that one does to reach the root cause… But even in pitches, the points are:-

    why do you want to exist?
    why will you continue to exist?
    why not something else?
    why us?

    Neel Shah

    Dreams to Sell,
    Stories to Tell

  2. Very interesting. I believe that this is the most important question-Why? The rest will follow. Thanks a lot


  3. Interesting one! But I believe with Why, include WOW also. It can act as a supporting word else why can destroy 1000s of dreams and visions. But if one doesn’t know why then at least he can say WOW I don’t know why but I will do it.

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