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Win a Kaali Peeli Taxi from Alok Kejriwal

Do you want to WIN a Kaali Peeli Taxi from Alok Kejriwal?

It’s very simple and easy! The Kaali Peeli can be in your house faster than you can turn on an ignition button!

Win a Kaali Peeli Taxi!

Win a Kaali Peeli Taxi!

How to WIN the Kaali Peeli Taxi!

It’s very, very simple!

Step 1:

Visit Amazon and buy Alok Kejriwal’s third book (#1 Ranked) called “Getting Dressed and Parking Cars”!

Link –

 It’s the story of his mobile gaming startup “Games2win” and how he built the business from scratch.

Step 2:

Just message alok-at-rodinhood-dot-com (email) or manoj-at-games2win-dot-com and tell us you have bought the book. Add your receipt along with your address!

A beautiful THANK you Card and a Brand New Cute Kaali Peeli will be sent to you! (This is why we need you to email us so that we can get your address, etc.!

Alternatively, you can connect with me here and send me a message! I will do the rest!

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Facebook –
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Youtube –

EXTRA – What’s the Connect?

Now, In case you’re wondering, “What’s the connection between a Kaali Peeli Taxi” and this book called “Getting Dressed and Parking Cars?
Here is the sneak leak!

One of Games2win’s most famous games’ was “Bombay Taxi”. It was an online game that was meant to be created for Indian Gamers, but ‘accidentally’ became world famous!

That single game and also the “lucky” Bombay Taxi (fondly called Kaali Peeli in Mumbai) changed Alok’s and Games2win’s fortunes and made the management team realise the POWER of “Car Driving” games. That’s why Kaali Peeli!


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