Win a Kaali Peeli Taxi from Alok Kejriwal

Do you want to WIN a Kaali Peeli Taxi from Alok Kejriwal? It’s very simple and easy! The Kaali Peeli can be in your house faster than you can tu...Read More

A Funding Pitch and Business Deconstruction Template

Are you looking for a funding pitch and business deconstruction template? You’ve reached the right place! Background – Why this template? ...Read More

Why I Stopped Wearing My Socks by Alok Kejriwal

Why did I write this book “Why I Stopped Wearing My Socks.”? What inspired me? What is it about? How has the book done? Everything you wan...Read More

Solving investors/traders problems

Hello Rodinhoods! This is Suresh Panigrahi. I have been in the equity markets for the past 12 years. At present, I am working as an investment consult...Read More

Wharton India Startup Challenge 2018 | Mumbai, India  | January 5, 2018

Looking for exposure to a global audience or funding from top investors?  Have the next big idea? Apply to the Wharton India Startup Challenge (WISC) ...Read More


Hi Everyone, I hope your startups are ROCKING and creating value! Will you pay me a salary of 2.5 Crores/Month if I promise to help you SPEND 3000 Cro...Read More

Why we rejected INR 6 Million in funding and bootstrapped our startup instead

Earlier this year (in 2017) my team was offered INR 60L or $100k in funding with a 1.5 Cr convertible note for a year old startup, which we had to pol...Read More

Be a Part of India’s most Disruptive Hunt for Disruptive Startups! Register for Catapooolt Changemakers Challenge Season 2

Be a Part of India’s most Disruptive Hunt for Disruptive Startups!  Register for Catapooolt Changemakers Challenge Season 2 In a nation which is on it...Read More

Digital Workplace Ecosystem for MSME’s project seeks Seed Funding / Angel Investor.

Dear All, We are working on a concept Pert ERP – is an Eco-System of Simple Digital Work Place with integrated ERP features like Accounting, HRM...Read More

99 Questions every Investor will ask… Especially a VC

      Awarded the “RodinStar” Post  of the week!!     About me I am a 35 year old first generation Tech & Int...Read More

Through the ‘winters’ of funding season; an entrepreneurial journey

In my early days as an aspiring entrepreneur during the summers of 2013, I regarded the founders of companies who managed to raised funds as heroes. T...Read More

Alok Kejriwal on Raising Money

Hey guys, I’m back with a topic a lot of rodinhooders have been showing interest in – How do I raise money from VCs/angels – How do I get capital into...Read More

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