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3 Things I learnt on my way to build a Pharma Start-up…..

I introduce myself as Deependra.V.Gadkari, I have a started a company by name Gadent Pharmaceuticals, we are into marketing of select allopathic formulations to doctors, Given below are the three things I learnt in my journey in start up phase thought will be helpful for our entrepreneur brethren:

1. Defy Logic:

When I decided to start my venture, I only had an idea, fire in belly & no visible source of money, But entrepreneur keeda to hota hi hain, started jotting down the source of funds (i.e family, banks etc etc) and with some coaxing and a lot of patience could arrange the funds, which was just the beginning. Although I am actively involved in my family business which is marketing ayurvedic formulations, and which was taking a good amount of my time but didn’t know why I wanted to start a new venture but still as time passed I could arrange team and could launch the products in market

Point I want to make is that it was absolutely not necessary to start the venture but still I went ahead with it. I learnt by DOING THINGS in small steps I could launch my company( Successful or not its the matter of time)

2. Embrace imperfection:

There can never be the Perfect time, Perfect People, Perfect systems, Perfect capital, I have learnt this and have been trying to cope with the daily dose of variables be it staff leaving, non availability of funds at required time, change in government regulation etc etc.

Chaos has an order in it…IF we learn to understand the pattern, There is word in Hebrew called “Bitzuist”– Which means the one who talks little and gets a lot done…..Its a compliment in Israel if you are called a Bitzuist, Thats what I aim to be with the given resource constraints STILL make it happen. All so far managing with the given funds, people and systems, I am learning to juggle things have not been a very ace manager but have faith that in long run will be able to crack it.

3. Network…Network…..Network:

I have read somewhere “Your Network is you economy” , It has been very helpful for me to select this line of business as I had known some vendor or some customer or some employee who needed job. So if any of our would-be-entreprenuer brethren faces this dilemma as to which line of business to enter start by looking around you at your network…you will definitely get some clue and some link.

This network has helped me in mitigating risks in terms of any regulation, favorable credit terms from vendors, getting access to right candidates, and cracking the customers with well trained field force.

I could do this because I have always believed in maintaining harmonious relationships with all my stakeholders.It may be not just for business but in this age of technology,the personal touch ALWAYS and ALWAYS helps in personal as well as professional life. Be it inquiring my dealer’s sons school results, his fathers ailment condition, visiting my vendors family etc, you start to enjoy doing business and it becomes like a big extended family.

Thus I would like to conclude that I have learnt quite a few things which may or may not be applicable to all, but still feel can contribute in small way to other entrepreneurs perspective and growth.

Thanks and Regards,


Gadent Pharmaceuticals



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  1. Hi Deependra,

    Go through our website and let me know if you need any assistance in medico-marketing inputs for your company.


  2. Thanks Amit,

    Currently We have a PMT team in place, Thanks for the update will surely keep in mind.


  3. wonderful debut post deependra. may i add, amit (dr dang) here is a rockstar rodinhooder 🙂

  4.  Thanks for the compliment and the update about Amit……Looking forward for meet everyone !!! 🙂

  5. Hi Deependra,

    Should you be looking for C&F Agents in Gujarat, for the products you market, you may contact me.

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