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Alok at The Pitch – Season 3


hey everyone,

so i made a lot of noise about alok’s first episode on THE PITCH – season 3 being aired on tv on the 11th. only to find out utv bloomberg was mysteriously missing from our channels at home 🙁

thank god for youtube. so without further ado, i’m sharing episode – 6: ‘pitch & rebuttal’ for all of you who missed the telecast and repeats just like me. i shall add the other two episodes that include alok as and when they are uploaded on youtube!

i can see two rodinhooders here – varun (tourlandish) – second from L & sudeepta (the blueberry trails)


happy viewing!





UPDATED: OCT 21, 2013

here’s episode 7 – ‘advertising’ – what did you think about this particular episode? how would you have done things differently? what would your tvc highlight? remember they had all of 3 hours only…. 

meet the colourful judges!


UPDATE: MARCH 31, 2014: Just realised I didn’t add the other episodes 🙁

Here’s Episode 8 – TRADE OFF. Enjoy!



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  1. Watched it yesterday night only.. Some really interesting contestants and actually the questions and rebuts made me rebut myself at times about my own business.

  2. wow! that’s interesting mayank…! hope other rodinhooders did something similar as well 🙂

  3. Have not really been to an Open House before, but maybe you can try that there. I have to admit i have no idea on how the structure of Open House is. Eagerly waiting for the one in Delhi though.

  4. have seen it ..last to last night…. Interesting 🙂

  5. episode 7 on advertising has been embedded on the post for those of you who missed it…. 

  6. episode 8 on trade off has been added as well! happy viewing 🙂

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