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Announcing the November Tee Winners…!


So we’ve had an interesting November. No rain. No guns ‘n roses. But lots of writing. Lots of sharing. And of course, lots of Rodinhooding at our recent annual Open House in Mumbai.



                [how many rodinhood tees can you spot here?!]



For the newcomers – each month some lucky Rodinhooders win a Rodinhood Tee! And you can’t buy the tee anywhere. You’ve gotta win it, to wear it!







This is Mandar Joshi who won his Rodinhood Tee last month!












Coming straight to the point – the Rodinhood Tee winners for November for writing inspiring, engaging, insightful stories are:


i) Rahul Varshneya for his weekly contribution of insightful startup and entrepreneur stories. This one in particular, made him famous on TheRodinhoods!


ii) Every startup person needs to read Vijay Khubchandani’s hungry story…


[also catch his July Open House story when you get a chance!]


iii) Why Entrepreneurship can’t be taught in b-schools by Jay Thadeshwar – always a hot topic!


iv)  Ashish Chowdhary has a knack for writing short stories for entrepreneurs!


[This is other one by him is even more intense…]


v) Call him a clever writer. Or a brilliant one. The fact is, Kiran Kumar always brings a feast to the table! [since this is his second win – he now gets a special Rodinhood Laptop Skin from Skinmantra – thank you Akash!]


Btw, Akash of Skinmantra is also a proud owner of a Rodinhood Tee for his creativity.  You could be one too – come up with an awesome idea and win a tee!











Meet Gurpreet – the proud owner of a Rodinhood Laptop Skin he won last month.









Some offline news – at TheRodinhoods Open House, Amrendra & Gargi won tees for their rockstar performances while presenting their respective big ideas.


Young & vibrant Abhinav Sarangi won a tee for his spontaneous, genuine approach – he had incredible insights for Ankit Sawant’s Sell2nd & Vinit Gala’s Phonesurance ideas that he was more than willing to share on the spot!! I see Abhinav as an active Rodinhooder already!




Congrats Winners! Here’s what you gotta do – 


Send an email to therodinhoods Co-ordinator, Manoj – [cc] with your mailing address & phone number and pls mention your tee size – S, M OR L [size reference – Alok wears L ]




Now these are some interesting reads that didn’t win a tee. But they do deserve your attention: 


– A debut post by Suhail Ahmed on demystifying start up challenges


– Ayush Agarwal’s soul-baring story.


Rajat’s ‘Keep yourself sane when starting up’


– Please read this post and ALL THE COMMENTS for the quintessential Rodinhood Spirit. This is how Rodinhooders help each other every single day!


– I also want to make a special mention here – kudos to Sridhar V for playing Devil’s Advocate ever so often!!!



December already looks promising with many new writers contributing regularly. Feel free to write to me ( if you have any ideas lurking in your mind which you want to translate into a story or even a series of articles! You never know, your name just might be up here next month…!





p.s:  Previous/current tee winners – pls send me ( a pic of you wearing your rodinhood tee to be included in our facebook page Rodinhood Tee Winners album. Or simply add it here on this thread as a comment! (Btw, that’s Kiran Kumar above, in case you are wondering!)




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  1. Asha – Thanks for the TEE, as well as the wake-up call.. 😉

    I wouldn’t have even thought of writing it, if it wouldn’t have been for your sweet reminder.. 🙂

  2. vijay… all of you dudes have amazing inspiring stories to share. all i do is merely nudge. the rest is all YOU! read the comments on your page – you totally deserve a tee!

  3. Wow!!!

    The content and contributions continue to amaze…

    Congrats to all the winners 🙂

  4. A BIG congrats to all the winners and also to those who got special mention..:)) 

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