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App Only, Bitcoin Wallet, Vidooly, 73 sec Video, Palika Bazaar and a Pug called Neo! [May 30-June 5, 2015]

Hello Rodinhooder,

Yesterday in Goa, we experienced our first shower (and storm) of rain! I’m not much of a rain person, but it’s such a welcome change of weather, that I just had to share it with you!


image credit: sean faia 

Moving on to sunny news…

A big kudos to Subrat and the Vidooly team – they just raised seed funding!! This was Subrat’s first post on trhs – he keeps mentioning this post helped him get early traction!!


Storm Front:

Ever wondered why fashion e-com companies are going ‘app only’…? Read Alok’s article and share your own perspective as well.

When long term thinking is a terrible idea – a Vishal Khandelwal-read 🙂



In case you missed out on the excitement, we’ve launched ASK RODINHOODERS!

We’ve added more experts this week!!

ASK AASHISH anything to do with content marketing, viral marketing & video marketing

ASK RAMANUJ about business laws and how to make money by selling online courses

ASK SUSHRUT about customer service, communication & branding


First showers!

zebpay – a mobile bitcoin wallet!!!



We’ve got a crowdfunding campaign in the house – check out Unsung and help publish this book! Spread the word!!

Are you thinking of building a career in the digital world? Watch this webinar!

You don’t have time for this! Make time for Kriti’s new comic 🙂

Entrepreneurial lessons from B’day Pug Neo!

Pythagurus just turned 6. They share their story in 73 seconds!

Rodinhooder Prateek thinks ecom is like the great Indian Palika Bazaar (you can tell he’s a dilliwala!!)


Non-stop Drizzle!

We’ve got lots of questions in ASK and incredible opportunities in JOBS. Lots of rodinhooders are looking for co-founders!!

If you’re a foodie based in Mumbai – Rishad is looking for a co-founder!

From prescription to subscription – Rodinhooder needs ideas for his family pharma biz


On a separate note, I would urge you to kindly respond to the comments on your respective posts. It’s basic community etiquette!!


It’s raining Events!

Pune: – June 6-7: 24ADP’s Digital Marketing Conference 

Bangalore – June 13: Startup Saturday’s next edition on Funding


Did you miss last time’s newsletter?

Or any of them??!!


Have you watched the latest Kindle tvc? One of them features Ashwin Sanghi in it! Watch it here (embedded towards the end). If  you haven’t watched his session on Authorpreneurship yet, oh boy – you really need to!!


So while Maggi’s in a soup, this weekend, I’m gonna put on my Crocs and jump around in a few puddles with my seven year old.

come rain. come shine.



with love & lots of rain + shine your way…

asha chaudhry

co-founder & editor 






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  1. Thanks Asha! Lovely stuff

  2. muchas gracias! i believe it’s starting raining in mumbai as well… 🙂

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