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ASK RODINHOODERS Anything Under the Startup Sun!


Hello, Hello!


Our ASK section has nearly 1k posts and queries. It’s actually the most effective way to reach out to our 10k strong and growing community for guidance and suggestions. We also keep saying the best way to earn good karma is to share your insights on posts in ASK! That’s how you help fellow Rodinhooders. And HELP is essentially the core value of TheRodinhoods – it’s what we stand for, it’s what we strive to do and it’s the only “business model” we follow!! 




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Presenting ‘ASK RODINHOODERS’….!


ASK RODINHOODERS is our latest addition to the ASK section! We are creating dedicated pages for Rodinhooder Experts from different verticals who have volunteered to help the community. They have shared their areas of expertise and are happy to answer your queries in these areas. So all you need to do is ask them any specific question in the comments section of their respective pages and they will reply!!


This will not only enable every Rodinhooder to reach out to the right person with the right questions and get the desired response; but it also brings out the true spirit of Rodinhooding. Where rodinhooders help rodinhooders. How awesome can that be?! Also, in the long run, each page itself will become a resource sheet for all of us!


Request – Pls try to make your questions as specific as possible. Share what you have done and where you are stuck. It will help our expert Rodinhooders respond to your query in a more beneficial way. 


How can you add value to trhs? By having an ASK RODINHOODER page for yourself!


Depending on the time and energies you have, feel free to email me your profile at clearly mentioning your background, areas of expertise and how you can help other folks. And we will create an ASK RODINHOODER PAGE for you! You can also email me suggestions/experts you would like to see in our ASK RODINHOODERS pages!






Meet our Rodinhooder Experts (in alphabetical order) and click on the link to go to their pages to ASK them a question!




ASK AASHISH stuff on Content, Video & Viral Marketing






ASK ABEY anything about Internet Marketing!







ASK ABHIK about Starting Up/Idea Validation/Marketing






ASK PRAJYOT about Mobile App Analytics & Performance







ASK PRIYADEEP about Ed-tech & Student Entrepreneurship






ASK PUNEET about Ayurveda & Health-tech








ASK RAHUL all about Apps: Mobile Product & Marketing Strategy!







ASK RAMANUJ about Business Laws and How to make money by Selling Online Courses!






ASK RUDRAJEET anything about Starting Up!






ASK SANGRAM anything about Foodpreneurship!






ASK SHARAD about Investments & Personal Finance






ASK SUSHRUT about Customer Service, Communication & Branding.






ASK TANYA about Online Selling 










many thanks to anamika & tarun for helping out with the logo 🙂


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  1. Congrats and Great work by Asha in starting up this section and happy to be a part of something so awesome… 

    Look forward to being Asked !!! 

  2. hey thanks for committing your time and energies to the cause rudra!!

  3. Thank you very much Asha for this valuable platform…i will definitely be a part of it

    Excellent work

    Keep it up great going 


  4. thanks prasad!

    we are as good as our rodinhooders are 🙂

  5. Great initiative!  Right om the time when I was looking for guidance. I will try not to ask too many questions to Abhik specially. Thanks and much luck  for such thoughtful endeavour. 

  6. hey darpan,

    feel free to ask as much as u like – abhik is totally chilled out. only thing i would request you is post specific questions so rodinhooders can help you better. the more open ended the queries are the more difficult it is to solve one’s problem!!

    all the best!!

  7. Hi Rodinhooder Experts,

    We are in the process of setting up an online seller organization that will deal in around 6,000 SKUs for now. Can you please recommend an inventory/invoicing software with bar-code integrations that will allows us maintain all inventory-related transactions. We intend to use Tally for accounting till the business reaches enough scale to warrant investments in an ERP solution.

    Look forward,


  8. vinod – you need to post this question to the rodinhooder expert’s page. in this case pls post it on tanya’s page.

  9. Done. Thanks Asha.

  10. this was very well needed …

  11. Thank you very much Asha for this valuable contact information!

    Anyone from automobile industry? For Engine/vehicle/chasis/dynamo-meter Testing / Manufacturing field? 

  12. Hi !

    This is a first – very hesitant post to the Rodinhoods

    I am doctor – a Parenting and Wellness Consultant.

    I have no experience or expertise in anything technology or business.

    I have an idea though – that I am trying to flesh out to make Parenting easier

    I am trying to take my first online step by putting out content in an accessible way

    I already have a website and social media pages that I have been running for the past 2 years – but I would like to improve significantly

    I would appreciate any help that I can get in the content marketing space. 

    I am also looking for people to brainstorm with – on using technology like gamification and animation in Parenting

    Thanks in advance

  13. hi debmita,

    we have a SHOWCASE section where you are more than welcome to feature your venture and seek feedback. you can also list your queries on that post itself. do mention you would like to brainstorm with people on gamification & animation in that post. 

    if you are looking at hiring a content marketer, i would suggest you create a post in JOBS. 

    we have a lot of resources on content marketing in our digital media section. you should really check it out!

  14. Thank you so much Asha. 

    Really appreciate the help

    I must compliment you on your generosity and commitment to help. It is not easy to keep track of everything and post a helpful reply to every post like you are doing. I am so impressed and inspired  

  15. thank you so much for your kind words debmita!

    TRH has been my calling and i love what i do. we just want to help our rodinhooders in any way poss 🙂

    good luck for your venture. i hope rodinhooders help you to the max!!

  16. Hi Asha,

    Fantastic initiative on a great platform!

    I have some specific questions regarding my new venture but not too sure who to ask among the expert Rodinhooders. It is a consulting/advisory venture in the alcobev sector that would later integrate data & technology to automate most of the services on offer. I am trying to solve particular problems faced by governments as well as the hospitality industry.

    I am trying to get some feedback on feasibility, finding the right co-founder and funding. Can you connect me to someone?

    Thanks in advance.

    • hey niladri,

      in that case simply create a post in ASK FOR HELP! let the community help you!! be sure to mention all the queries and your twitter handle at the end.

      • Thanks Asha. Will be back soon.

  17. Hi Asha,
    Thank you for the initiative, much appreciated. Would like to know if there is a common forum to ask for help (validating an idea) based on availability of experienced rodinhooders ? Or if ok, then I can also post on each rodinhooder’s link. Please let me know based on how it works here.

    • hey nadeem, for idea validation, it’s always better to create a separate post in ASK FOR HELP – let everyone share feedback with you!!!

  18. Hey Rodinhoods! This is the first time I am reaching out to you guys. I tried to post something on ASK FOR HELP, but I do not see a way of doing that – actually I do not see an option/ button for creating a new post. Am I missing something?

    Basically, I had an idea in mind and wanted to reach out to the right rodinhood who could help me give a direction.

    Await your response. Thanks! 🙂

    BTW, I love reading everyone’s posts on the website. Cheers! Love the concept!

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