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ASK SUDI anything about Marketing & Strategy!

  As a part of our ASK RODINHOODERS series, please meet Sudharsan R (Sudi), Commercial Marketin...Read More

Raising Money, NxtGen, Appreneurs, Newspaperwalas, Wedding Outfits and Surviving 4 Years! [June 18-24, 2016]

My Dear Rodinhooder, This week has been the week of exits. Brexit, Niksit, RRexit…. I won’t ge...Read More

“Push a little every day; over time you would’ve covered a great distance.” Meet A S Raj Gopal!

I got an interesting opportunity to e-interview A S Raj Gopal – MD & CEO, NxtGen Datacente...Read More

Sales, Cash Mngt, Co-founder Mngt, Coaching, ConfirmTkt, ImpactRun & Meter Down! [June 11-17, 2016]

Hello Hello! Tell me something… as a startup person, do you EVER COME UP FOR AIR??!!  Do you a...Read More

Mentors, Dell, Tavaga, DateIITians, Pit Stop, News Bots, GoT & Getting Moetic! [June 4-10, 2016]

My dear Rodinhooder, Every newspaper front page, back page and even google doodle is screaming FOOTB...Read More

Chutney Margin, Hiring, Ideas, VidLog, Logistics and AppSurfer Bids Adieu [May28-June3, 2016]

Namaskar Rodinhooder! It’s me again, now reporting from Amchi Pune! I’ve hit this amazing city after...Read More

Focus, Benetton, EnTRIPreneur, Wixifi, Hype, Reborn, Zoe & Alice! [May 21-27, 2016]

Hello, Hello! Last night some Rodinhooders pinged me to check if “aal izz well”, for I didn’t send o...Read More

Case Study: How Benetton Spain enhances its shopping experience

I’ve been going through the many case studies on the Dell site and came across this very interesting...Read More

We will migrate soon. So please bear with us!

Dear All, We know it’s frustrating for you that TheRodinhoods (TRH) site is not mobile responsive. W...Read More

Catwalk, Whiplash, Co-founders, Bodybuilders, SEO Gyaan, Creanara, Snakes & Ladders! [May14-20, 2016]

My dear Rodinhooder, I hope you’re not melting in the summer heat! I’ve been urging Rodinhooder Vish...Read More

Case Study: How keeps its retail site active

This is one of the most intriguing case studies I’ve read while going through the Dell site. Bodybui...Read More

Civil War, Supermoms, Forex, Never Giving Up and TRH Partners with Dell! [May 7-13, 2016]

My dear Rodinhooder, We have some exciting news to share! TheRodinhoods Partners Dell to help Startu...Read More

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