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Announcing the November Tee Winners…!

  So we’ve had an interesting November. No rain. No guns ‘n roses. But lots of writing. L...Read More

Alok Rodinhood Kejriwal on YourStoryTV: Entrepreneurs in Mobile Gaming

  YourStoryTV caught Alok at NASSCOM Product Conclave 2012 in Bangalore and have done a wonderful jo...Read More

October Rodinhood Tees – have you won, one…?!

Wow. It’s been one long and busy month! Content on therodinhoods has exploded! There have been...Read More

Sumant Mandal on Finding the Right VC

As a part of the video series being shared here on TheRodinhoods, Sumant Mandal of Clearstone Ventur...Read More

Jim Armstrong on Starting a New Company

Jim Armstrong of Clearstone Venture Partners encourages new entrepreneurs to jump in and create valu...Read More

Sumant Mandal on The Art of Storytelling

  Sumant Mandal of Clearstone Venture Partners demystifies the many challenges of raising Venture Ca...Read More

Rodinhood tee time! And the September winners are…

  Yeah… it’s that time of the month when a few Rodinhooders get rewarded for their ...Read More

Goldmine of Indian Govt. Websites

  I shudder at the thought of having to visit some unfriendly, smelly, govt. office for some life-de...Read More

Rodinhood Tees!!! And the August winners are…

  So we had announced the arrival of the Rocking Rodinhood Tees! And the fact that ‘You’...Read More

Corporate Photography – the communication behind the click…

I came across this interesting article published in the Asian Photography Magazine. Relevant, becaus...Read More

Rodinhooding on a Friday evening…

For the first time in my life I missed the Olympics Opening. And I’m glad. Watching the Queen jump f...Read More

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