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Mentors, Dell, Tavaga, DateIITians, Pit Stop, News Bots, GoT & Getting Moetic! [June 4-10, 2016]

My dear Rodinhooder,

Every newspaper front page, back page and even google doodle is screaming FOOTBALL MONTH. So if you can’t beat them, join them!!

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Watch Alok’s next vlog (straight from the heart!) on MENTORS – who they are, where you should look for them and much more! 

“The business model of Dell itself was revolutionary and it inspired me to think completely out of the box. In 1998, I broke out of my father’s business (socks manufacturing) and started up an Internet business called My life also changed after that.”

Alok shares why Dell is so inspiring for entrepreneurs…

Penalty Shot!

‘Super sexy pit stop strategy for entrepreneurs’ – this is a brilliant reminder. How many of you have taken a vacation this year? When was the last time you stayed away from work?? Read this and kick your butt if you haven’t!! 

SCREW FUNDRAISING – says Rodinhooder Vishwesh (and as you can see, he doesn’t mince his words 🙂 ).  

Startup Goal!

Tavaga – the latest fintech venture on the block! They’ve just launched their app. Check it out and read their story ‘Simplicity is not so simple’

NewsBytes App – India’s first News Bot!!

dateIITians – an exclusive app to date IITians – yes it’s back! Ahem, ahem!! Do share your feedback…

TimerApp – Deepak developed his first app ever for his wife – do check it out and share your feedback!!

KalaGhar – where art meets utility! Handicraft products you can use! There’s a rodinhooder code too!

Extra time!

Wanna get Moetic? Here’s a brilliant chance to submit your magical poem for the Ultimate Book of Poetry – PepperScript Moets!! ALSO, PLS WATCH THE VIDEO – IT’S SERIOUSLY AWESOME PAUSOME!! If you are a word lover, you will love it!!

Keep it in control – Kriti’s come up with another clever comic!

Startup Game Of Thrones fans, winter is not coming….. I love debut posts – and even though GOT or AI is not my thing – I think Amit’s been bitten by an interesting writing bug 🙂

Rodinhooder Jyoti wants to get gaming into schools. She needs your guidance! Do check out her venture and share all the advice/ideas you can with her!!


We have lots of new BLOGS so do check them out! Read Bhishma and the gig economy!

Last Saturday 11 of us Rodinhooders of Pune hung out together at Rudrajeet’s office and had a blast!



Did you miss last time’s Puneri newsletter? Grab it now – bara ka?

I’ve had an interesting week – I kept on bumping into Rodinhooders in Goa, Pune & Bangalore!! And that really gave me an adrenaline high! I keep saying there’s a Rodinhooder in every city…

watch football or films,

make yourself uncomfy sometimes,

and discover a different side of you.

(i know that doesn’t rhyme!)


fondly (in verse!)

asha chaudhry

co-founder & editor 

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  2. hey thanks for pointing out azad. i’ve fixed it 🙂

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