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We will migrate soon. So please bear with us!

Dear All,

We know it’s frustrating for you that TheRodinhoods (TRH) site is not mobile responsive. While the whole content world has moved to mobile, we still haven’t. But we’re trying to fix that!

TRH has been on NING since it started in November 2010. And in all fairness, Ning has really served us like a charm for a good 5 years. It’s been the most convenient and user-friendly DIY (Do It Yourself) Community Platform. But now it’s definitely time to move on.

We intend to migrate to Word Press/Buddy Press soon (we’ll use a community theme of course, and lots of plug-ins for features we need). We too want you to enjoy the ease of reading our awesome content from your mobiles. And yes, we’ll get an app developed as well (it’s mighty useful when the founder has an app business, what say?!).

So please bear with us 🙂

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Both Alok and I feel your pain and just wanted to reassure you that we have a plan in action and we are moving towards becoming mobile friendly really soon.

Thank you for your patience. And for always being so awesome.

If you have any other suggestions please feel free to share them in the comments section below.

And please wish us luck!!




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  1. Good to hear this! 🙂

  2. I have experience with WordPress. I would love to help.

  3. hey thanks so much for offering to help divyadeep! let me get back to you in case we need to take up on your kind offer 🙂

  4. Sure. I have also some experience with digital marketing. I would love to contribute to this platform as best as I can.

  5. awesome divyadeep – i just replied your email! we hope to be opening the beta site very very soon and will need all the feedback/suggestions for improvements and help in a big way! pls stay tuned and pls be sure to help us out then!!

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