Author: Kiran Kumar

Looking for a Marketing Agency

Hi, I am looking for a marketing agency that not only has the creative chops but has moved the needl...Read More

Improve a Chrome Extension Now. Get Credit.

Dear Rodinhooders, Need your feedback on our Free Chrome Extension – Parallelo Lite. Hypothesi...Read More

How to make readers tweet your content 63% more.

It was on Justin Wilcox’s marvellous website called Customer Dev Labs that I first saw some sentence...Read More

Research on ‘The Bourne Identity’

Have you watched and liked ‘The Bourne Identity’, yeah the very first of the series? Wha...Read More

When to incorporate your Start-up?

  Awarded the “RodinStar” Post  of the week!!     30 minutes before start...Read More

“You can’t code? Great. You are much needed.”

It is not uncommon for people who can’t code but bristling with product ideas—the Idea Smiths— to wi...Read More

‘Listening’ is not a single verb.

Note: This two-part series is my learning in customer service that I hope to employ while building P...Read More

“They didn’t solve my problem. But I am still happy with them.”

I finally got down to using Buffer to manage my social posts better. In doing so, I had to get in to...Read More

Why I care about the right bra size…

..and why you should too. Now it is not everyday that you can come up with a headline like that and ...Read More

The Anatomy of a Disengaging Audience.

Being dad to a toddler doesn’t give me many options to experience all the cool things about Bangalor...Read More

What’d you do if you were in my shoes? My shoe size is 8.

While thinking about marketing strategies for our product Crowdnub (which I do 24X7), I played out t...Read More

Why you should be reborn as a Pigeon

The New York Times today carried an article about India’s incompetent municipal administration...Read More

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