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Looking for a Marketing Agency


I am looking for a marketing agency that not only has the creative chops but has moved the needle for a B2C Startup.

The goal is to attract X number of visitors per month consistently in 6 months time. The agency should go beyond budget allocation across media and come up with a creative strategy and an execution plan to hit the numbers with a tight marketing budget.

Bangalore agencies preferred but not an essential condition.

If interested, please connect via my linkedin profile

Kiran Kumar.


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  1. hi kiran,

    rodinhooders i can think of 

    arpita – barefoot –

    for digital services – abey john – the god of all things of internet

  2. Asha, I’ve worked with Kiran.  🙂

    Kiran, I’ll inbox you.  I’ll need to know more about the shit before I can comment if something like this is possible:

    The picture is rosy.  But it aint the whole of it.  Lots of other things are leaking and we’re right now scrambling to fix that.

  3. Hi Kiran,

    I want to suggest you that you can post your requirement at is India’s Largest Network Of IT Service Providers. We give you ready access to many of the world’s very best.

    Our network includes more than 5,000 expert Service Providers working in more than 200 fields. And we have thousands of happy customers.

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  4. Hey Kiran,

    I presume you are looking for a company who specializes in “online” marketing. If yes, you should consider SoLoMo Salsa, based out of NCR. Those guy understand technology and marketing very well, and Rohit, the founder is very good to work with!

  5. Thanks Asha. I reached out to barefoot.

  6. Thanks Narayanan. I will reach out to them.

  7. Hi Kiran,

    Please share more information on your requirement. We have worked with many startup on performance based model, with min fixed cost and rest on performance (total sales).

    We have recorded close to 600% growth in 2nd financial year for our client Print a Wallpaper –

    Amit Shroff

  8. Abey was it shit or site.. 😉

  9. Amit, its shit.  🙂

    Its part of my overarching philosophy of life as we know it: Everything is shit and we are in a circle jerk chasing phantasms of nothingness leading nowhere.  At the same time its all incredibly, insanely beautiful, that robs you of your breath and brings you to absolute stillness.  And the kicker: there is nothing you can do or not do that will add or take away from the beauty.  

    In either case if you want to make “real progress” you need to drop both the shit and the beauty lust and embrace the stillness.  But mankind is in that stage of evolution where we think that the intellect has all the answers.  

    So, ergo, hence, therefore, as a working philosophy to keep your frame of reality in the correct perspective the best course of action IMHO is to apply the “everything is shit” philosophy and avoid getting sucked into the superstition that the social order peddles: that you are actually doing something of value.  We’re doing the same ring-a-ring-a-roses that we were doing when we were scratching roots for a living.  Albeit with a little bit more sophistication now.  


  10. Cool.. I like it..!!

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