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Improve a Chrome Extension Now. Get Credit.

Dear Rodinhooders,

Need your feedback on our Free Chrome Extension – Parallelo Lite.


Often, businesses need to make remote presentations.
Typically, they use screen-sharing options like Teamviewer, or the like.

But resolutions can be low and transitions slow, depending on how good the connection on either side is.
And usually it takes time for both parties to download the software and set it up.


Parallelo-Lite is a simpler alternative.
It helps you start a remote presentation instantly without sharing your screen.

Just upload your document. Share its link. Start presenting.
To one or to many, instantly.

Your feedback will help Parallelo-Lite get better.
Please test it and let me know.

If your feedback (here or on the app) results in even a slight improvement, I will acknowledge it on the App itself in the Chrome Store.

Many thanks.
Kiran Kumar


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  1. The 2 mb limit and PDF made no sense to me!

  2. Thanks for the feedback. The paid plan allows up to 10 MB. As for PDFs, yes it would be cool if it accepted PPTs. But it is unavailable right now.

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