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Anybody Who can Help in my Icecream Startup( Two Years Old)

 Hello Rodinhoods,

 Ours is  a Two Year old Startup Icecream Company operating in Coastal City of Mangalore ( Karnataka).

I have more than 22 years of experience in FMCG Distribution and 12 years of Iceceram Distribution .With all these experience , sometimes i lose focus, always in confusion ( both financial and working) .

In most of Entrepreneurs/StartUp/Mentoring space, i find…all online/mobile/internet/software articles…not much of brick& mortar business or food and beverages business….If any Rodinhood is from  Icecream field….or has any of his  friends…..please suggest me or guide me.

Kiran Bolantkodi ( 09900194077)

CremeFraiche Icecreams , Mangalore


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  1. I am already helping you by being a regular at your shop at Avery Junction, Falnir. I love the ice-creams & of course the cakes, the branding done is also good. I just have to say this, your outlets are located in residential areas with low visibilty, haven’t seen them anywhere near colleges like how Crumbz has.

    Moreover, you have no space for anyone to sit & enjoy (atleast in Falnir). Have you thought of going bulk with supplying to other shops like Bon-Bon.

  2. Hi Kiran,

    You cant loose concentration, I’m too young and your experience is equivalent to my age. Yet an advice which I received from the following video where Kanchan Sir advised the following : 

    “You don’t get paid by your boss, you get paid by your customer”

    As you are now in a totally a different seat….. from being in distribution and now you are into driving seat ….. so the whole scenario changes …….. as now you see all the roadblocks …..  

    You also need to let us know what exactly are you into ….. do you have your factory, outlets, or do you deliver to other outlets …. 

    And don’t loose concentration …… this is what your passionate about …. if not then please check as you need to be passionate about it …..  If you are not passionate then I feel recheck yourself ….. 


    Karan Pandhi

  3. The forum is full of IT startups – true. We’d love to see some change, and Ice Cream sounds pretty good 🙂

    Let us know your thoughts, the hurdles you face, the vision and ambition you have for the business. We will gladly hear you out, and give our suggestions

  4. Hi Kiran

    You will need to find answers to the following:

    • Who is your target group? What is my usp, why should people come to me, am I providing them a better product or a better experience or both ?

    Once you have defined these, you will be able to steer your marketing activities towards the same.

    These days every offline company/store has an online presence. You can get more customers by using social media channels particularly facebook. I have seen cocoberry do really good activities on facebook. Here is the link Saw your facebook page, you can do alot on it. Use google places, register on justdial to increase visibility.

    Also you need to reach out to students to increase your trials. You can participate in fests, build brand ambassadors, hire interns. You can use websites like for hiring interns.

    I wasn’t sure what all activities you have done, so mentioned a few which you might have tried. Hope its useful. 

    Good Luck


  5. Hi Kiran,

    If you have website for you then I can advertise that in my website for 1 month free! I’ am getting around 10,000 hits per month. So hope this can help you in some way.


    B. Charles

  6. Hi Praveen,

    Thanks for the support you are giving . Customers like you are our main pillars of suport for our first outlet at Falnir. I would like to inform you that we have opened our new outlet on MG Road at Ibrose Complex ( Near Kori Rotti / New Wine Gate).

    Regarding bulk supply to shops like Bon Bon, we make similar products. Infact we are competitors !. But we supply to other outlets like Nilgiri’s , St.Aloysius Colleg Canteen and Mahesh College Canteen.

    Thanks ,


  7. Thanks Karan,

    Ours is unique combination of Bakery and Creamery ”CremeFraiche”. We have our own production facility for both Bakery and icecreams. In Bakery, since 2007( my wife is trained Bakery Chef) and in Icecream since 2011. We have  2 Exclusive outlets and 2 kiosks at colleges in Mangalore  and also  have 150 Dealer network in Mangalore and Manipal( nearby educational hub) to where we supply our Icecream. 

    Challenges we face are in marketing( due to financial constraint we could not go aggressively) , ever icreasing raw material cost.

    I am very passionate about my dream to make ”CremeFraiche” one of the best quality icecream/cake brand at affordable pricing . but sometimes challenges i face continuously pull down my confidence and i end up loosing focus. 



  8. Hi Nishanth ,

    Thanks for your support . Will get back to you with more details.



  9. Hi Mandeep,

    Thanks for the suggestions. Need time to go thro’ all your suggestions and to streamline my thought process .

    Will get back to you with details.


  10. Hi Charles,

    Thanks for your offer . Get back to you soon.



  11. Hi Kiran,

    for marketing I can suggest Tees, Social media, and leaflets will help your brand rise. 

    For the raw material cost we all have to take the pinch. You can do is give offers for good orders…. like say take 5 cups n get one free …… something which Mad Over Donuts does …… also you can keep an ice cream of the month and give it a low price of 20 to 30

  12. Set up small kiosks in collages, probably try leasing small spaces within collages / universities or just outside. Dont go for schools. Its not only seasonal (moms would not allow small kids to have ice creams during monsoons or winters and would attract crowds only from 12 to 3 kinda time slots.

    If you cannot get space within the clg’s or universities, try partnering with existing canteens /kiosks on profit sharing basis

  13. Thanks Ankur,
    Done this arrangement with 2 of the Colleges in Mangalore and 6 in Manipal. It gives good response and good brand recall also.


  14. hello kiran sir, got your reference from Asha mam for one post posted by me….….As you being into ice cream business can you support me by your experience what is the best method to store/transport ice cream without electricity. I am going for start up of ice cream home delivery with life upto 2-3 hrs without melting.

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