Author: Narinder Singh Dahiya

Data Collection by Defence Veterans

RESEARCH DATA COLLECTION Accurate data collection for any research is sine quo non for any credible ...Read More


DEMONETISATION –A DIFFERENT VIEW Demonetization – People lining up to exchange their notes Alo...Read More

Random acts of kindness from Rodinhooders unknown

We live in a poor country. The population here has suffered from hunger and poverty for ages. Indian...Read More

The First Step – my wife’s food venture!

THE FIRST STEP While I was busy seeking the guidance of fellow Rodinhooders before taking my first s...Read More

Ignorance or Conspiracy? Use of Door Frame Metal Detectors.

Life is full of surprises. In fact, I have found out that some facts are stranger than fiction. The ...Read More

How should I take that “first step”…?

To Be or Not to Be ?   I was a person with no ambition when in school. My aim in life in school was ...Read More

Bharat Ratna :Sachin

BHARAT RATNA: SACHIN   “Recall the face of the poorest and weakest man you have seen, and ask yourse...Read More

Meaningful and productive sports

In India, Tendulkar is treated like God and has been recently nominated to the upper house of parlia...Read More

Modern Spinning Wheel -Aaj ka Gandhi Ji ka Charkha

The spinning wheel (Chakha) went out of fashion with the death of Gandhi Ji. But now time has come t...Read More

Why did the Delhi Police not revolt?

The ghastly act of rape and death of the Delhi brave heart has shaken the Nation’s conscious. ...Read More

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