Author: Pardeep Goyal

How we lost Rs 15 Lacs and shut down before our first anniversary

    Awarded the “RodinStar” Post  of the week!!   I thought I would make ...Read More

When in Confusion, Listen to Your Intuition and Take Decision

I decided to leave my startup job without having any solid financial backup. I was not very sure abo...Read More

Amazon Replaced My Out Of Warranty & Broken Kindle For Free

I love reading books, and this article is for book lovers only and people who never give up. Actuall...Read More

Hacking a two month long foreign vacation (even when my salary is Rs 80,000)

I am not rich but I spent my entire summer vacations in Thailand (with family). Anyone can do that, ...Read More

How I traveled GOA for 30 days in just the cost of a 4-day vacation

Who doesn’t have a dream of traveling the world without worrying about expenses? I dreamed it ...Read More

13 Untold truths of selling to schools in India

The education industry in India is considered to be a multi-billion market. First-time entrepreneurs...Read More

How do you encourage employees to speak against powerful but stinky managers?

I have had many good and bad experiences with my team members. Some issues were personal, some relat...Read More

I failed at two startup attempts – My rough and tough journey

I enjoyed a few years at my IT job but after five years, excel files sucked the life out of me. This...Read More

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