Author: Sridhar Rajendran

Looking to interview social entrepreneurs

Hi all, I am doing a course called Human Centered Design offered by IDEO. As part of it, me and my t...Read More

Developer to UX designer – The journey begins

Boredom set in when you keep doing the same stuff each day and I am not immune to it. Having been a ...Read More

How can I learn UX design?

Hi guys, After having been a software engineer for  six years, I feel I could use some variety in th...Read More

A fiction that every budding entrepreneur must read

Uncommon Stock : Version 1.0 is a riveting piece of fiction by Elliot Peper. Mara Winkel and James a...Read More

Want to escape your cubicle job? Then read this book.

I came across Jyotsna Ramachandran‘s, The Home Entrepreneur show podcast recently on iTunes and foun...Read More

Doing an MBA taught me not to do it

I have always been intrigued by the men and women in the C-suite making big decisions that make or b...Read More

Is Uber taking its drivers for a ride?

Today I took a Uber ride from Indira Nagar to Whitefield in Bangalore and the traffic out on the str...Read More

Where do I complain about bad service by ISP?

Hi guys, This is a personal post. I have been using ACT Fibernet in Bangalore for over a year and fo...Read More

The Lady Elon Musk of India

In India, women in tech conjure an image of software engineers and project managers but not a woman ...Read More

Ordering food online sucks in India!

There has never been a better time to be a lazy foodie in India than now. With a new app launching e...Read More

10 ways to make a low cost air carrier suck less

Low-cost air carriers have made flight tickets cheaper than a first class train ticket. But the flip...Read More

10 things to learn from the Chillr app promotion

Recently, the Chillr app team conducted promotional events in the IT park where I work. Chillr is ba...Read More

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