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Looking to interview social entrepreneurs

Hi all,

I am doing a course called Human Centered Design offered by IDEO. As part of it, me and my team have to understand problems faced by social entrepreneurs and design a solution to overcome it. As part of the research, I would like to speak to few people who are in this space. If you are located in Bangalore, I would like to meetup in person and discuss about it; if not, a skype call would be helpful.

1. What is the problem you are trying to solve?

2. How are you addressing it?

3. What inspired you to come up with the venture?

4. What hurdles did you face?

5. What factors could have made it easier for you to start? 


The process should take about half an hour. Please message me your contact details if you are free to spare a few minutes.




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  1. hi sridhar,

    this sounds really interesting!! 

    why don’t you list down a few questions to give us all a better idea on the context? pls add your twitter handle at the end – i will share this one soon!

    do check out nonasties – i know apurva kothari very well and can connect you. he for sure, knows lots of social entrepreneurs!

  2. Hi Asha,

    Updated the post.

    It would be helpful if I can get in touch with Apurva.

    p.s: updated my twitter handle, but I don’t use it at all these days 😀

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